The most unbelievable details that link Frontera Fund to Joe Arpaio

Many people do not know the roles that Joe Arpaio played in his capacity as the head of the county. It leads to the formation and the prosperity of Frontera Fund in the US. However, the head of the county has a more significant part of the deal that leads to the founding of the foundation that has become an international philanthropic center. This article highlights how the dictators, Joe Arpaio, indirectly fueled the operations of the Frontera Fund without knowing that it is his efforts.

Frontera traces its roots from October 2007, when the county sheriff of Maricopa County, through his Selective Enforcement unit, decided to arrest and detain Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. Joe Arpaio decided to halt the two young journalists for allegations that they had written some provocative ideas about the government through their Phoenix New Times newspaper. They had exposed the evils that mar the leadership of Joe Arpaio like misuse of funds as well as the abuse of office that was rampant in the Joe Arpaio regime. However, in its determination of their case did not take long. The judge at the courts decided that there was no crime committed by the two journalists hence making them be released for free.

Upon the declaration by the courts that they did not have a case to answer. These men were set free and paid 3.7 million within 24 hours. Frontera Fund is active up to now, and it deals with the provision of basic needs to the less fortunate in the USA. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin played their part in the arrest, but they successfully utilized the money from donors to change the lifestyles of the Luos.

It is through the dictatorship of Joel Arpaio that made him start a legal warfare with Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin that turned out to be a breakthrough in their lives.


4 Top Reasons Why Beadboard Wainscoting Is Your Number One Choice

Traditionally, beadboard wainscoting panels were the ideal solutions for bathroom walls. Back in the day, they were also installed piece by piece whereas today you can find monolithic boards, which mimic the old-style planks. What’s also different today is that you can blend styles, designs, and colors to mix & match architectural styles and echo your own personality. All with one wall board and a few good wall decoration ideas.

What’s so special about beadboard wainscoting panels?


Just like other wainscoting wall panels, beaded ones run horizontally through the lower part of the wall to protect and accentuate it. They might cover half the wall or 1/3 of it. They might also go all the way up to meet the ceiling at the crown molding.


The key elements of classic wainscoting boards are the central panel surrounded by the frame, which consists of the stiles at the sides and the bottom (baseboard) and top (chair rail) moldings.

What’s special about beadboard wainscots is that they come with stiles and moldings, but also stand on their own. Their most distinctive feature is the actual panel. It has beads, which are actually vertical grooves. Once upon a time, each beaded plank went up stick by stick. Today, they come in whole sheets for easy wainscoting installation. AlexMoulding offered so many wainscoting patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

The beaded panels might be narrow or wide to match the style and size of the room. Wide bead spaces are best for tall wainscotings. Narrow planks will look better in shorter panels.

Are beadboards only for bathrooms?

There is no denial that beaded wainscoting panels give a country sense in the room. They are also associated with bathroom installations. But today architectural styles have been broadened and there is a handful of colors and wall decorations to help you transform any part in the house with the help of these special wainscot boards – as long as you like this style.


For instance, a classic bathroom wainscoting design would cover half the wall and be painted in white. But what you can do is cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling, especially if the room is not tall. And although bead boards look absolutely great in white, who said you can’t paint them black or blue? A great combination would be cobalt blue walls and white beadboards or dark blue wainscot with white walls.

So, beadboards might be traditional by association but they can add a very modern wainscoting look. Use these panels in the bathroom or kitchen and then throw some yellow or red accessories in the room and you’ve got yourself the million dollar looks you are looking for.

So, which are the main 4 reasons for beadboard wainscoting installation?


  • Due to their beaded sheets, these special wainscots are the perfect wall décor design – especially for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • But beadboards can be used in a million + one applications. Won’t they look great on the ceiling along with recessed lighting? How about as the backsplash in the kitchen or to cover cabinets, tubs and dishwashers?
  • Although the special pattern of their panel makes an impact on its own, you can still combine these wainscoting panels with wallpapers to create either an antique or super modern look.
  • You can find bead board wainscotings in wood and MDF and paint them in any color you like. This will give you the chance to mix & match styles and colors to give the desired impression. Simply put, you can eliminate the cottage feeling by painting the beadboard in dark green, blue, or black.

Whatever your style, beaded panels have got you covered


  • By playing with colors and changing colors over time, choosing beadboards at waist height or taller, and combining styles and matching wall decorations, you get to use these wainscoting panels anywhere in the house. Think about it.
  • Do you like the cottage looks?
  • Want to wainscot the walls fully or go up half way?
  • Do you just want a touch of beadboard panels in the room?
  • Do you want to play with color combos?

Whatever you want, bead boards can do. That’s why they are the ultimate solution for the best wainscoting design ideas around the house.

Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment Solutions Could Have Prevented Latest Inmate Facebook Live Video

Securus Technologies was shocked, along with the country at large, when an inmate posted a live video on Facebook with a contraband smartphone. The 3-minute video that was captured inside the Evans Correctional facility depicts Jose Rivera, the 31-year-old inmate serving his 10-year prison sentence, brandishing a pen-knife. According to the recent news from the inmate facility, Jose Rivera has been caught by a cell phone on numerous occasions in the inmate facility.


Such incidents are what the Securus Wireless Containment Solution is designed to prevent and detect in the inmate facility. If the inmate facility had installed the Securus Wireless Containment solution, Rivera’s phone would be unable to connect to any network in the industry. At the beginning of the year, the FCC wanted to streamline the correctional facility process to access such technology including proper access to networks in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based technology company that serves over 2,500 law enforcement, public safety, and correctional facilities in the country. It is also estimated that the company is serving more than 1 million inmates in all these facilities under their jurisdiction. Securus Technologies is one of the few companies with the responsibility and commitment of connecting the people for the provision of emergency response systems, public information, and incident management. In the recent past, the company went on to assimilate the provision of inmate self-service, information management, communication analysis, and biometric analysis services in the inmate industry. This action ensures that Securus Technologies provides a safer place to live for everyone.


During this past month, Securus Technologies issued an open invitation to all lenders and facilities to visit their technology center. The company is always proud of their services to their clients. As a sign to show that they care about their welfare, Securus Technologies has extended the invitation to ask their clients to issue their feedback on how they find their technology useful in their daily activities. Securus Technologies is also proud to announce that they are among the first companies to achieve thus level of prominence as a result of numerous positive feedback emanating from their clients from all parts of the country.


Securus Technologies is proud to hear that their clients acknowledge their efforts to revolutionize the correctional space for the sake of public safety. According to the management of Securus Technologies Company, they always develop new services and products every week to help the inmate facilities achieve the level of excellence expected from them by the government. This means that crime rates have been reduced curtsey of the technology provided by Securus Technologies in the inmate industry. Most of the work conducted by the inmate officials has been reduced through the use of products emanating from Securus Technologies.


Paul Mampilly: A Well Established Author and Investor Dedicated to Elevating Investment Stocks

Paul Mampilly stands out as a proven investment expert who believes in applying his ideas for guaranteed success in stock investment. He uses For Profits Unlimited as a portfolio to express his ideas and important tenets to his readers. His ideologies are generated based on a unique but proprietary method which has proved effective over his 25 years of trading experience. Having first-hand knowledge and practice in the actual field, the author gives his readers more than just substance. One is assured of attaining superior and tangible results at the end of the day. Paul initiated a client demonstration account in 2016, with a start off capital of $5000 and bore over 180% profits stampeding all his competitors.

Profits Unlimited has elevated Paul to greater heights, with his array of excellence testimonials proving the point. He managed to actualize a 45% returns plans yearly and collectively attaining a 535% at the end of 2013. Between 2008 and 2013, the S&P reached an average of 18% and 128% cumulatively. Since the account’s inception in 2006, 30% annual returns and 516% cumulative returns were generated, and his Linkedin.


About Paul Mampilly

Anyone who has worked with Paul Mampilly would affirm that his focus on business is outstanding. This is expected for a man who has had about 25 years in the industry, consistently working in different finance jobs. As an analyst and portfolio manager, Paul has covered health areas and biotech in prominent banks including ING, Deutsche Bank, and Bankers Trust. Paul has had an impressive career, being part of a team that manages a $6 billion hedge fund and $23 billion mutual funds. This drew the attention of Barron in 2008, which recognized them as among the world’s best hedge funds.

During his career, Paul Mampilly crossed paths with an impressive client list that include Swiss private banks, the Templeton Foundation, Fortune 500 companies inclusive of the Royal Bank of Scotland. His hard work in the finance sector has definitely not gone unacknowledged. He has bagged home several awards while equally appearing in prominent television broadcasts like CNBC and Bloomberg TV among other networks.

Mr. Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, a platform he uses to guide individuals with the interest of venturing into stocks investments. Paul Mampilly started off his business at a tender age and has grown gradually over the years to be a commanding name in the industry. Paul is a graduate of the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, and

How Omar Boraie is a Visionary

Since Omar Boraie first started his own company, he has been a visionary. He knew what he wanted to do to make the company the best it could be so he took every opportunity to do that. He tried his best to make Boraie Development the best company it could be. Omar Boraie didn’t do it because he wanted to get rich or be popular. Instead, he did it because he wanted to see a positive change in the things that were going on in his hometown. For Omar Boraie to do this, he had to try different things that would give him the right type of opportunities to do make the city better.

New Brunswick is a small city in New Jersey. It is a city that had a lot of families living in it but also had a lot of crime because of the poverty in the city. People like Omar Boraie wanted their city back and they wanted to get rid of the crime that riddled the streets. Omar Boraie knew he could use his business to do something about it, but he didn’t know what it would take to actually make these changes. He set out to bring more attention to the issues.

According to, when Omar Boraie had the vision that he did of the development, he wasn’t able to stop doing what he could to make the city better. For Omar Boraie to do this, he tried to ensure people were seeing what he was doing. Most people didn’t. Instead, they just thought he was crazy. They didn’t know he would not be able to make the right choices if they were not helping him out. He bought buildings that were being condemned so he could turn them into something much better.

The ideas he had were all related to luxury. He wanted the city to be as luxurious as possible so he made sure his development matched that idea. For Omar Boraie to do this, he had to show people he was serious. Now, the development is the most popular in all of New Brunswick. In fact, it is so popular for people to want to live in, there are no spots available for those who want to move in. Omar Boraie knew what he was doing so he could take advantage of all the things New Brunswick had to offer people who lived in the city.

Academy of Art University

New York Fashion Week is the place that allows new names in the industry to be featured and shown off to the world. The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University just had its 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square. The showcase took place on September 9th, 2017 and ten of the most recent graduates had the opportunity to debut seven collections of women and menswear to some of the most important people in fashion.


The designers all come from diverse backgrounds, which makes their collection one of the most unique around. There was a variety of ideas, techniques used for craftsmanship, and silhouettes that blew the audience away. Some of the noted audience members were Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model, as well as Sara Kozlowski from CFDA. The students were more than excited to have all of their hard work pay off as they showed their work off to their peers and potential career connections for the future.


The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school located in San Fransisco, California. The school was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929. There are currently 283 professors that are teaching full time at the school, with about 12,600 students attending the school. The school boasts that it is the biggest largest privately owned art school in the United States.


The university offers a variety of degrees for those who are trying to finish school at a convenient pace. Students can choose to complete an associate, bachelors or graduate degree. Classes can be done in person or online.



The school has produced well-noted alumni during its years of running. Raven Symone and Lauren Conrad are two popular television personalities that attended the school. Alex Snyder and Elena Slivnyak were two memorable candidates on Project Runway. Chris Milk is also famous for his work in the music video industry.


Norman Pattiz the Broadcasting entrepreneur.

Norman Pattiz is a man with many achievements in the media industry. His experience of 40 years in radio syndication is unmatched. He has founded several ventures, notable ones being Podcast One, Courtside Entertainment and Westwood One, which owned several radio networks and talk shows. Courtside Entertainment Group focused on production and distribution of quality programming.

Pattiz has also served in various other capacities. In the year 2000, President Clinton appointed him to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. President Bush also confirmed him to the same position, showing that he was a reliable person for the job in spite of the change in government.

In an interview captured on, Pattiz shares more about his experience and vast achievements. The idea of Podcast One was born out of his experience at Westwood One and interaction with Kit Gray who had been working on other people’s podcasts from his apartment. Pattiz recounts this experience as a trigger for the eventual formation of Podcast One.

Pattiz is involved in the business of the company. It includes ad sales and technology. To him, implementation is everything when it comes to bringing ideas to life. He is excited by the fact that content consumption has become democratic, which makes it easy for them to know the success of podcasts. Learn more:

Reading the trades have worked for Pattiz, and he advises any entrepreneur to follow this trend. It helps entrepreneurs to know what is happening and also to understand the other players. Although he does not listen to books, he would listen to a book on demand. He believes in staying engaged and that is why he is usually the first one in the morning and the last one at night. He gives credit to some of his heroes like Bill Paley, Steve Ross, and Dan Miller for his inspiration and knowledge. Learn more:

Pattiz has emerged as a great entrepreneur in the media industry. His successes include the promotion of Westwood One which he founded in 1974 and served as its consultant and Chief Executive Officer at various times. From there he moved to Podcast One where he has served as its Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Podcast One has grown tremendously in its focus on podcast network, emerging as a leading national advertiser. Pattiz believes that podcasts provide a unique advertising and brand awareness. Research shows that podcast listeners are more receptive to brand messages. Edison Research established this in its study on the efficiency of podcast marketing.


Top 5 Civil, Human and Immigrants Rights Groups

There has been a significant increase in number of immigrants to various parts of the in the recent past. People continue to move to various destinations because of different reasons including economic, social and political. The increased migration has equally heightened challenges as far as civil, human and immigrant rights are concerned.

The global community has experienced a continuous increase in human rights abuses. This has attracted several civil, human and immigrant rights groups to come out strongly and advocate for these rights. Below are some of the popular groups advocating for various human rights globally:

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund organization was co-founded by two journalists: Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The organization is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Larkin and Lacey formed this organization after their unfair arrest by a local sheriff for revealing what the sheriff considered sensitive information to the public. They took a legal action against the arrest and won, receiving a settlement of $3.75.

The duo has since used the money to support other organizations that advocate for civil, human and immigrant rights and especially freedom of expression.

Groups that have benefited from this funding include: Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, Justice for Immigrants and Families Project, Center for Neighborhood Leadership and, the Colibri Center for Human Rights just to list a few. Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund have promised continued commitment to the course.

Colibri Center for Human Rights

It is a family advocacy organization based in Tucson, Arizona. The organization has partnered with forensic scientists, families and other humanitarian groups to bring to an end the reported deaths and sufferings by immigrants. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

It’s particularly concerned with human rights abuses along the US-Mexico border. Co-founded in 2013 by Robin Reineke and William Masson, CCHR continues to help migrant families through its programs. The organization has received several awards for its unwavering commitment towards corporate social responsibility.

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

Establishes in 1979, ILRC continues to show its great commitment in advocating for civil, human and immigrant rights.

Headquartered in San Francisco, ILRC trains immigration attorneys and offer legal representation for immigrants. The organization works closely with local communities to provide both local and federal advocacy.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC is a global humanitarian organization focused on providing relief and development assistance to refugees and other displaced people.

It was established in 1933 and now operates in more than 40 countries including over 20 US cities. IRC continues to advocate for civil, human and immigrant rights as well as offer resettlement opportunities for those displaced by either war or natural calamities.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Headquartered in Geneva in Switzerland, ICRC was established in 1863. Its primary aim is to support communities affected by violence and natural calamities as well as advocate for laws that protect such victims.

ICRC has grown to be one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world. The organization operates in more than 80 countries currently and has employed more than 15,000 people.

It is important to understand that these organizations rely on community support in order to achieve their mission. It’s therefore important to join hands with them in making them world a better place to live in.

Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Karl Heideck Examines The Newest Car Seat Laws In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck is a United States-based attorney who specializes in litigations, risk management and compliance law in Philadelphia. For more than 10 years of excellence and professional value, Karl Heideck has become one of the most sought attorneys in the country. This is because Karl Heideck has achieved to solve most of the preliminary high-profile cases in the state. For this reason, Karl Heideck is second to none when it comes to excellent services with massive rates of adoption. Besides liability, Karl Heideck specializes in t a wide range of employment cases, corporate law, and the commercial litigation attorneys.

Karl Heideck graduated from the University of Temple with the highest honors in Law. For this reason, he attained the qualifications to join the Beasley School of Law based in the United States. Karl Heideck graduated from the Beasley Law School after two years of solid academic excellence. Perhaps this is the reason why he is one of the best in the industry. Karl Heideck went on to offer a wide range of compliance consultation services as well as risk management solutions in the industry. Because he has assimilated better business solutions, Karl Heideck is now regarded as the best employment attorney in Philadelphia.

Follow Karl Heideck on LinkedIn

For more than one decade of professional value and excellence, Karl Heideck had worked in various law firms in the United States before he chose to be an independent attorney. While working in those firms, Karl Heideck never lost a litigation or criminal case in a court of law. For this reason, his achievements have gone ahead of him to offer him better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Karl Heideck has also shown the world that he is one of the most experienced when it comes to acceleration services for faster representation purposes.

The new car seat belts law in Philadelphia has evoked a wide range of responses from the car owners who have 2-year-old and below kids. The new laws state that a child must have a car seat facing the rear in the hind seats of the car. This is used to protect the car in case of an accident after their business is assimilated. The new laws came as a result of the increased mortality rates for the children under the age of two. Karl Heideck says that the new laws will be affected this year as the time for warnings is over.

Focus on Todd Lubar’s Thoughts on the Real Estate Trends in Baltimore

For a person who has been following the news coverage in Baltimore, it is highly likely that they have being missing out a lot on the booming business and opportunities in the real estate sector. Baltimore is fondly known as the Charm City especially due to its high population of young professionals. The high number of young professionals in Baltimore is an exciting prospect and trend to business owners and real estate developers as the demand for apartments is high. Real estate developers have embarked on refurbishing older buildings into chic living options for the residents in Baltimore. Historic buildings have been converted into huge condominium and apartment options.

Reasons for the Boom in Baltimore’s Real Estate Sector

According to Hackronym, Baltimore is friendlier to millenials who are mostly young professionals and graduates who find the cost of living here cheaper when compared to areas such as Washington D.C. The city is in the process of expanding and improving its public transportation, which will make it friendlier to people who wish to live and work in downtown. Baltimore offers startup businesses with one of the most conducive environments to thrive in. Check out Affiliatedork for more.

A number of initiatives have been put forth seeking to improve the city’s business environment for startup companies and those seeking to relocate here. The business community in Baltimore has earned a high reputation of embracing new businesses and drawing top talents from other areas to help companies thrive. The cost of living in Baltimore is not expected to go higher soon as easy and quick access to luxury shopping and fresh restaurants are well provided. There are so many investors that embrace young professionals and recent graduates looking for space to invest in Baltimore.

About Todd Lubar

Lubar is TDL Global Ventures’ president as well as the senior VP at Legendary Investments. He has previously worked at Legacy Financial and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He also worked at Charter Funding as the senior vice president. Mr. Todd Lubar went to Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in speech communication degree back in 1995. He is an integral fixture in Baltimore’s real estate market and his perspective on the same is frequently requested.