Importance of Politics according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan agricultural businessman. He had his stint as the President of the FEDECAMARAS and is now the current National Assembly deputy in Guarico State. He recently gave an account of his experience in the Public service from two angles that are completely dissimilar but also complementary. Gonzalez’s active entrepreneurship is connected to politics. In his interview, he gave an illustration on how the agriculture sector in the country produces over 300,000 tons of corn and 500,000 tons rice. Jose Manuel Gonzalez feel that Venezuela with its low foreign exchange for importation was not in a good position leaving the sector in a precarious condition of supply where there is nothing guaranteed. The assembly understood the plight of the agricultural sector but poor management was to blame for the poor situation.

This is what came out in a meeting behind closed doors that showed the fragility and inadequacy of the coalition government to deal with inequities and smuggling that was rampant in the nation. Insecurity in the nation was identified as another factor that affected agriculture negatively due to the presence of criminal gangs who extort farmers, kidnappings and regular carjacking. This would force the government to import food but it must first of all sort out the issue of foreign exchange according to Gonzalez. He opined that a national agreement would be the most viable way to solve the current crisis and identified the parliament as the best platform to enact the agreement. This will pave the way for peace and subsequently economic growth.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was the president of FEDECAMARAS (2007-2009) and also the FEDENAGA (National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela). He was born in the town of Las Mercedes del Llano and is a descendant of to Martin Tovar y Tovar who was a painter. Jose holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering, University of Venezuela.

After his term as president of FEDECAMARAS ended in 2009, he was elected as the deputy of the Guarico State National Assembly.

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