Raj Fernando: An Innovator in Employee Retention

Raj Fernando is a Chicago resident, philanthropist, and businessman with two successful start-up companies to his name. Raj Fernando was born in Denmark, but moved to the United States with his family shortly after. He attended Beloit College where he studied history and economics.

In 2002 Fernando founded his first company, Chopper. He ran this small trading company until 2015 when he sold it to DRW Trading Group. Throughout his 13 years as CEO, Chopper saw substantial growth. This growth could be contributed, in part, to Fernando’s unconventional hiring practices. He went out of his way to hire only those that fit in with the company’s collaborative and loyal culture. He made it a point to recruit employees that would stay with Chopper for the rest of their career. It could have been this commitment to employee retention that led him on his next venture; internet startup Scoutahead.

This new company revolves around successful ways a business can retain their workforce. Scoutahead also has resources for professionals and students. One of Scoutahead’s main points is providing employees with real-time, frequent feedback. This tactic would be used in favor of the traditional formal review process. Employee retention is a key strategy in an ever evolving industry. In order to stay competitive, top companies should be focused on innovation instead of training due to turnover.

In addition to his outstanding business undertakings; Fernando has made substantial philanthropic and Political contributions. He is a board member of PAWS Chicago, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the American Security Project to name a few.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com


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