Why Choose Securus Technologies For Communicating With an Inmate? Here Is Why.

Securus Technologies is a newly designed and innovative company that has been offering a vast array of opportunities for people to connect. Perhaps one of the most commonly utilized form of its technology is communications between inmates and their relatives, family members, and/or significant others. It is a form of communication that enables people to connect with one another via means of video conferencing in which the individual who is at home who would have visited the correctional facilities ends up being able to connect with the inmate in jail. In this particular case, the physical visitation is not necessary. That may actually be a good thing as inmates are often required to have their visitors undergo lengthy visitation processes in which the visitors are required to wait for appointment times to open up and be scheduled for visitation times that they were not necessarily ready for. By connecting with an inmate through the use of Securus Technologies, one can have certainty in knowing that they will still be able to connect while being able to chat from the comfort of their own home.


Securus Technologies is also a wonderful form of communications that have helped police officers to “crack” crimes in the sense that when the communications occur, the conversations are recorded and in the case the inmate is to say anything in pertinence to a crime that has occurred or is currently occurring in the center that they are jailed in, the authorities can use the segment(s) as evidence for solving crime. This is one of the reasons why this technology is so valuable and important to implement into as many correctional facilities as possible as it provides inmates’ family members, friends, and significant others with a commodity that provides them with convenience, it enables inmates to have some free time, and it gives the authorities a tool for making their jobs easier.


Kevin Seawright’s Massive Passion for Rebuilding Newark

Kevin Seawright has done a whole lot for New Jersey and residents of Newark really appreciate what he brings to the table. There are children that have had the chance to work as summer employees because Kevin Seawright has made funds available for teenagers that want summer work jobs.

He feels like this is an investment back into the community because it gives teens a chance to try out a position and possibly come back and work in this capacity down the line as adults. Seawright whole-heartedly believes that Newark has a chance to be great, and he believes that it starts with investing in the people. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:  https://twitter.com/kevinseawrightt

There have been a lot of people down through the years that have worked in the development of Newark, but Kevin may be one of the most prepared individuals to help with the economic development.

He has already had many years of providing his financial expertise to the government in other positions in Newark, and now he is the CFO for Newark Economic Development Corporation. His position here shows that Seawright has all the elements that are needed to make Newark better.

According to Crunchbase, When it comes to budgeting and allocating resources to the right places Kevin Seawright has become the expert that Newark needs. This city – that is commonly known as Brick City – is in a stage of rebuilding. Kevin was brought on as the CFO in 2014.

Before that he was an executive director of operations in Maryland. He had already worked in executive roles, and he knew how to handle large sums of money from his experience with Tito Contractors as a Vice President.

The state of any city will often depend on the people that are in charge of the resources that are available. When there are capable people in charge to help cities rebuild it is much easier for a city to thrive.

If there are not any capable leaders in place a city can become much less attractive to residents that live there. Kevin Seawright is trying to make sure that residents and newcomers are attracted to what Newark offers them.

FreedomPop is an Amazing Startup

FreedomPop truly shows what a mix of “freedom” and “popularity” can deliver. From its Los Angeles offices, the startup had the freedom to craft and develop a brilliant idea. The company produced a totally free phone service that presented a basic amount of phone, text, and data to those who put the SIM card in a smartphone. Anyone who wanted to purchase a new smartphone could do so thanks to the amazing discounts FreedomPop presented.


The freedom to enter the market with this brilliant concept gave way to popularity. FreedomPop was a huge hit in the United States and in the United Kingdom. All this popularity would build on the itself. Any serious FreedomPop review a potential consumer reads reveals all the incredible features the company delivers. Even those who have been subscribers to FreedomPop for some time might be shocked to discover all the new services the company is making available. The development pipeline for FreecomPop is also impressive. New VoIP phones are even planned for future release.


Yes, this is a very active company. The basic premise behind the business model is to give customers a basic plan for free. If they like the service, they will upgrade for added service. About 40% of the customers do upgrade, which is how FreedomPop generates revenue streams. And no, the cost of the expanded services are not outrageous or loaded with gimmicks. $19.99 provides access to totally unlimited phone, text, and data. $5 opens up access to a new nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot in the United States. The U.S. hotspot is patterned after a wildly popular one overseas.


FreedomPop has been able to expand not only thanks to consumer demand and cash flow. Venture capital investors have deemed FreedomPop to be a solid company in which to direct money. As long as FreedomPop grows in the market, investors will continue to flock to it.


FreedomPop has come up with other brilliant products for the home market. Although the company is primarily known for its mobile service, at-home internet is available. In concert with the company’s marketing approach, home internet is incredibly affordable.


Startup companies usually survive and thrive when they deliver a unique concept that fills a need while maintaining solid customer service. Reasonable pricing helps the cause as well. FreedomPop seems to be hitting all those points. The startup should continue to gain a larger foothold in the industry on a global basis.