FreedomPop is an Amazing Startup

FreedomPop truly shows what a mix of “freedom” and “popularity” can deliver. From its Los Angeles offices, the startup had the freedom to craft and develop a brilliant idea. The company produced a totally free phone service that presented a basic amount of phone, text, and data to those who put the SIM card in a smartphone. Anyone who wanted to purchase a new smartphone could do so thanks to the amazing discounts FreedomPop presented.


The freedom to enter the market with this brilliant concept gave way to popularity. FreedomPop was a huge hit in the United States and in the United Kingdom. All this popularity would build on the itself. Any serious FreedomPop review a potential consumer reads reveals all the incredible features the company delivers. Even those who have been subscribers to FreedomPop for some time might be shocked to discover all the new services the company is making available. The development pipeline for FreecomPop is also impressive. New VoIP phones are even planned for future release.


Yes, this is a very active company. The basic premise behind the business model is to give customers a basic plan for free. If they like the service, they will upgrade for added service. About 40% of the customers do upgrade, which is how FreedomPop generates revenue streams. And no, the cost of the expanded services are not outrageous or loaded with gimmicks. $19.99 provides access to totally unlimited phone, text, and data. $5 opens up access to a new nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot in the United States. The U.S. hotspot is patterned after a wildly popular one overseas.


FreedomPop has been able to expand not only thanks to consumer demand and cash flow. Venture capital investors have deemed FreedomPop to be a solid company in which to direct money. As long as FreedomPop grows in the market, investors will continue to flock to it.


FreedomPop has come up with other brilliant products for the home market. Although the company is primarily known for its mobile service, at-home internet is available. In concert with the company’s marketing approach, home internet is incredibly affordable.


Startup companies usually survive and thrive when they deliver a unique concept that fills a need while maintaining solid customer service. Reasonable pricing helps the cause as well. FreedomPop seems to be hitting all those points. The startup should continue to gain a larger foothold in the industry on a global basis.

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