Lime Crime By Doe Deere Is Makeup Madness At Its Best!

Doe Deere is taking makeup to an all new power now thanks to her brilliant composition of vibrant, high intensity makeup with extreme pigment and an extreme message to match that beauty doesn’t have to come with pain.

Building the company from the ground up with all of her own ideas and designs, the Russian born New Yorker who goes by the unique name, “Doe Deere” has decided it’s about time someone lead the charge into a beauty revolution that not only stands by the animals with 100% cruelty free, animal product free, animal byproduct free, and animal testing free, but a makeup that is also completely reliable in it’s undeniable lasting vibrancy.

Believing within all of her soul that life is here to enjoy and explore every aspect of our own original personalities and plans without causing harm to any living creature, no matter how many legs they might have, Doe Deere has created a luscious line of cosmetics that instills confidence in all of her customers with a sense of pride and total bravery in professing who we are as individual people to the rest of the world without even the smallest hint of shame.

Doe Deere marvels at the idea that the vast majority use makeup simply as a tool to rid the face of supposed blemishes and hide away all the unique characteristics that make us who we are. By creating Lime Crime she wants to remind women and men everywhere of various ages that makeup is supposed to be about having fun, dressing up, and being creative. It’s not about putting on a mask so that people will like you, it’s about having another artistic avenue to explore the freedom of expression we are so lucky to have the right to enjoy.

Lime Crime has a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your fancy, so don’t be shy to check them out just because you don’t want to tote a pair of golden lips to the theatre, or bright emerald green eye shadow for that party on Friday night. Coming equipped with natural shades too as well as various pastels and even holographic lip glosses of various colors and hues, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is here for your exploration pleasure. Providing a much needed vegan avenue for exploring and exposing your true colors, Lime Crime is everyone’s best friend, humans and animals alike.

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How Fashion Is Taking Charge OF The Health and Wellness Industry

Fashion and health has always been somewhat related. For one thing, people often wanted to look good and fit into some of the best looking clothes. Another interesting phenomenon is that many fashion retailers and designers only design within a size limit. Often times, people that are larger than that limit are left out and have very little in the way of options at Fortunately, there are fashion designers that are making efforts to include people that are outside of the normal range of size. Fabletics is one of the all inclusive fashion companies. They are also involved with the health and wellness industry.

Don Ressler himself is very passionate about fitness. This alongside his work in the fashion industry is a good combination in that it brings forth some new innovations in activewear. In order to help with the innovations, he has accepted the help of Kate Hudson. Also, with the growing interest in health and fitness, women are paying more attention to disciplines such as yoga and buying products like yoga pants. Kate Hudson and Don Ressler are making efforts on lowering the prices of these pieces of clothing. Therefore, people are going to be able to afford more yoga pants so that they can participate in this popular discipline.

Don Ressler allows Kate Hudson to show off the qualities of activewear that are presented to customers on LinkedIn. They are built for flexibility and comfort. Not only do the clothes of Fabletics look good, but they are also made of really good material that allow for more movement. Women could take part in many activities and not worry about the clothes coming apart on them. With the durability of items coupled with the lower pricing, Fabletics is the one place to go to for all needs when it comes to activewear on

While the primary way to buy products from the Fabletics brand is by shopping online, Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and the staff of TechStyle understand the importance of allowing customers to come into physical contact with these items. They also know that a lot of women love to try on clothes in order to know how they fit.

OSI Group Makes Big European Acquisitions In Baho And Flagship Europe

More customers can now enjoy specially made meat products at their local restaurants and supermarkets thanks to OSI Group’s acquisitions of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods.

Baho Foods owns several poultry and beef processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, and Flagship Europe was formerly owned by the Flagship Company based in Colorado and distributes processed and made-to-go foods across the UK and several other countries.

OSI Group’s acquisition of these companies helped save a couple plants that were struggling to stay operational and has also given them greater capabilities to reach more customers. OSI Group has made acquisitions over the years but has allowed companies to keep their name and retain their current employees.

OSI Group began as a butcher shop in Chicago that Otto Kolschowsky founded back in 1909. The Kolschowsky family worked hard to make their meats some of the most sought after products for wholesale groups across Chicago, and in 1955 Otto & Sons partnered with McDonalds to supply meats to the upstart restaurant chain. In the coming years Otto & Sons would buy several large plants in Chicago and later in Iowa and Nebraska and by 1980 they started several company offices in Europe and Asia. Soon Otto & Sons was renamed to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald currently run the company and seek to uphold the tradition of family that Otto Kolschowsky began it on. They’ve listened to their employees and taken steps to improve their work experiences over the years that the company has a very high retention rate. They also have kept the workplace environment safe and in 2016 they won the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council for adherence to safety guidelines.

Bernardo Chua: a Globally Renowned Multi-level Marketing Genius

Bernardo Chua is one of the greatest multi-level marketing professionals, hailing from the Philippines. He heads Organo Gold, a premier coffee firm that produces and distributes coffee products that meet consumers’ active lifestyles. Under his pragmatic leadership style, the company has increased its operations in more than 35 nations without affecting the quality of products or services it renders.

According to The Street, due to achievement in the multi-level marketing sector, Bernado Chua has been a recipient of numerous high-status awards and recognitions.

Work life and business prospects

He led the expansion campaign of Gano Excel into various nations across the globe, including the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. He relocated to California to manage the operations and growth plans of Gano Excel U.S.A.

The launch of Organo Gold

In 2008, Bernardo Chua instated Organo Gold, an internationally recognized company comprising of a group of firms offering coffee products and services under Organo Gold’s trading names. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Chua has remained focused on his mission of selling a broad spectrum of coffee products, which contain Ganoderma lucidium.

Opening of a Turkey-based service center

Chua launched a new subsidiary firm of Organo Gold in Turkey on April 30, 2015, marking his 39th nation in which he had managed operation openings of his internationally acclaimed coffee company. According to him, the Turkey-based branch is part of Organo’s Global Footprint Initiative since Turkey links the firm’s Asian, Europe, as well as African operations.

Besides, it allows the company to offer quality services to its distributors and loyal customers based in Turkey.

Exceptional products

Organo Gold is an innovative giant that has developed many unique products such as toothpaste, vitamins, coffee, soap, and tea. The company has infused its gourmet coffee and ever-growing product line with the Ganoderma Lucidium herb to develop a healthy substitute for traditional coffee scientifically.

Apart from tasting great, the new product also makes coffee enthusiasts feel great. Organo Gold receives insights and guidance from a competent Scientific Advisory Board when it comes to developing its remarkable products.

Todd Lubar’s Long And Successful Career In Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar is one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in the finance and real estate industries. Presently, he serves as the president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He is also the senior VP of Legendary Investments. Todd graduated from college in 1995. After receiving his BA in speech communication, Todd joined Crestar Mortgage. According to, as a professional who is passionate about business and has the desire to help other people, he knew that his career was in the real estate and the lucrative financial industries.

At Crestar Mortgage, Todd served as a loan originator. Here, he gained invaluable experience. Among other things, Todd learned about the model of conservative mortgage banking. In addition, he developed strong relationships with insurance agents, CPA’s, real estate agents, and financial planners. Today, these professionals form an incredible source of referral to his business.

After working for Crestar Mortgage until 1999, Todd moved on to join the Legacy Financial Group. The company is located in Arlington Texas. Todd helped grow the organization’s Maryland office. He turned it into a production unit of more than $100 million a year in terms of loan volume. Todd worked for Legacy Financial Group until 2005 when he founded Charter Funding. Here, he served as the senior vice president until 2007. Charter Funding was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. His main objective of founding Legendary Financial LLC was to provide underserved clients with financial services. Most of these clients could not access credit from traditional sources because of increased bureaucracies.

Due to the economic changes that affected the mortgage industry in 2007, Todd opted to engage in other businesses. He moved into the recycling business. In addition, he opened a commercial demolition entity. With the passage of time, Todd started and managed a nightclub.

In his long career, Todd’s focus has been in the field of mortgage banking. For several years, Todd has been ranked as one of the leading 25 mortgage originators. His experiences and knowledge in different sectors of economy enabled him to engage in various businesses and succeed. Presently, as the head of TDL Ventures, he focuses on helping those in need. For more info, please visit