OSI Group Makes Big European Acquisitions In Baho And Flagship Europe

More customers can now enjoy specially made meat products at their local restaurants and supermarkets thanks to OSI Group’s acquisitions of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods.

Baho Foods owns several poultry and beef processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, and Flagship Europe was formerly owned by the Flagship Company based in Colorado and distributes processed and made-to-go foods across the UK and several other countries.

OSI Group’s acquisition of these companies helped save a couple plants that were struggling to stay operational and has also given them greater capabilities to reach more customers. OSI Group has made acquisitions over the years but has allowed companies to keep their name and retain their current employees.

OSI Group began as a butcher shop in Chicago that Otto Kolschowsky founded back in 1909. The Kolschowsky family worked hard to make their meats some of the most sought after products for wholesale groups across Chicago, and in 1955 Otto & Sons partnered with McDonalds to supply meats to the upstart restaurant chain. In the coming years Otto & Sons would buy several large plants in Chicago and later in Iowa and Nebraska and by 1980 they started several company offices in Europe and Asia. Soon Otto & Sons was renamed to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald currently run the company and seek to uphold the tradition of family that Otto Kolschowsky began it on. They’ve listened to their employees and taken steps to improve their work experiences over the years that the company has a very high retention rate. They also have kept the workplace environment safe and in 2016 they won the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council for adherence to safety guidelines.

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