Lime Crime By Doe Deere Is Makeup Madness At Its Best!

Doe Deere is taking makeup to an all new power now thanks to her brilliant composition of vibrant, high intensity makeup with extreme pigment and an extreme message to match that beauty doesn’t have to come with pain.

Building the company from the ground up with all of her own ideas and designs, the Russian born New Yorker who goes by the unique name, “Doe Deere” has decided it’s about time someone lead the charge into a beauty revolution that not only stands by the animals with 100% cruelty free, animal product free, animal byproduct free, and animal testing free, but a makeup that is also completely reliable in it’s undeniable lasting vibrancy.

Believing within all of her soul that life is here to enjoy and explore every aspect of our own original personalities and plans without causing harm to any living creature, no matter how many legs they might have, Doe Deere has created a luscious line of cosmetics that instills confidence in all of her customers with a sense of pride and total bravery in professing who we are as individual people to the rest of the world without even the smallest hint of shame.

Doe Deere marvels at the idea that the vast majority use makeup simply as a tool to rid the face of supposed blemishes and hide away all the unique characteristics that make us who we are. By creating Lime Crime she wants to remind women and men everywhere of various ages that makeup is supposed to be about having fun, dressing up, and being creative. It’s not about putting on a mask so that people will like you, it’s about having another artistic avenue to explore the freedom of expression we are so lucky to have the right to enjoy.

Lime Crime has a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your fancy, so don’t be shy to check them out just because you don’t want to tote a pair of golden lips to the theatre, or bright emerald green eye shadow for that party on Friday night. Coming equipped with natural shades too as well as various pastels and even holographic lip glosses of various colors and hues, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is here for your exploration pleasure. Providing a much needed vegan avenue for exploring and exposing your true colors, Lime Crime is everyone’s best friend, humans and animals alike.

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