How George Soros Succeeds in the Open Society Ideology

George Soros was born in 1930 in Nazi Hungary during the time of war and fled his country to London where he was able to get the education and other fortunes. Soros was able to join London School of Economics exposing him to the concept of open society from Karl Popper’s philosophy. He started working as a railway porter and waiter before he began his career in finance as a merchant bank. Soros moved to New York and started his hedge fund business in 1969, which later grew to be a Quantum fund. He heavily invests on the Soros Fund Management which has more than $30 billion assets. In 1992 he secured a lot of profits from shortening the British pound. Soros has recently hired Dawn Fitzpatrick as the chief officer of the Foundation.

In 1984, Soros started an open society foundation which was aiming to initiate and provide copy machines to libraries, Universities, civil society groups and the Soviet-dominated Hungary to help in reprinting banned publication. The Foundation advocates for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, social justice and responsibilities. He uses the ideology to pass his ideas to people in more than 100 countries where the foundation operates. Soros has politically active helping and supporting many local leaders in the great works of overthrowing authoritative governments and their regimes from power like in Ukraine in 200 and Serbia in 2000. H also helped the old Warsaw pact and ex-USSR by advising them on their transition to democracy and free markets. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros highly critiques the leadership of Donald Trump. Soros has been in the forefront to confront some social injustices the immigrants and refugees face in the hands of the government. The Hungary prime minister says that Soros is very influential and initiative in his way after he asked for a common European policy that will take care of migrants from the tight migration regulations. His foundation also aims to solve social issues affecting the society. Soros is a very active philanthropist donating $500 to investments which address the issues of refugees, migrants, and host communities. He has been giving millions to the Democratic Party.

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Learn About Madison Street Capital in 3 minutes

Agricultural drones market is a new phenomenon that is fast growing and likely to be of great help to farmers in how they monitor crops and identify areas of spraying. These drone platforms have cameras for precision farming. Madison Street Capital has heavily invested in various industries including food and agriculture and aerospace sector. With its expertise in corporate finance and corporate governance, its advisory services come in handy to agricultural drones market.


The drone visualization technology, smart embedded technology for automation and connectivity to the internet will provide economic growth for astronomical figures. Display technology allows farmers to monitor crops, detect and isolate areas with infections, make decisions about spraying and communicate to each other seamlessly.


Farm Modernisation has reached another level of technology, and its financial implication to farming companies cannot be underestimated and that’s where Madison Street Capital expertise on restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, specific financing design and implementation of drone strategy is needed.This has gone long way in uplifting Madison Street Capital reputation.


Dedicated video and software are in the drone platforms, and drone spraying system become a revolution throughout the world. Technology used includes mapping spraying, pest control, seeding, precision agriculture and remote sensing.


This new phenomenon will eventually transform farming and be able to feed the world’s growing technology. A controlled data-driven agricultural operation with cloud computing, inexpensive sensors, intelligent software is going to be a trillion dollar industry helping produce massive food quantities in solving the world’s greatest threat of drought or climate change on human survival.


A significant number of firms have ventured in agricultural technology where investments reached a whopping $2.6 billion dollars in the 1st half of 2015 and total $4.25 billion dollars doubling capital invested in 2014. Madison Street Capital also provides financial advisory services on venture capital and this bank goes a long way in helping firms willing to invest in agricultural drone technology.


The worldwide agricultural drone market is eventually anticipated to reach $3.69 billion dollars by 2022 up from $494 million dollars the current market share. The drone technology offered to the market uses internet on technology sensors which make it possible to use analytics from imagery collected from ground and helps understand vegetation.


Industrialization in agriculture come a long way since the Stone Age era tools to 20-century mechanization with tractors and columbines. Drone technology is a revolution in agricultural automation.


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How Sawyer Howitt Became A Top Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a senior in high school in Portland, Oregon. He also works at his father’s company, Meriwether Group, as a Project Manager. Sawyer Howitt has a number of personal interests and hobbies including photography, music, pop culture, and following his favorite NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers. One of his biggest passions, though, is playing racquetball.

Sawyer Howitt has been playing racquetball for a number of years now, including at both his Portland high school as well as at The Racquet Club. The Racquet Club is an organization in Portland where the top racquetball players in the area gather in order to regularly compete against each other and improve their game. As a consequence of his devotion to playing the game, Sawyer Howitt has played on the racquetball team that achieved reaching the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championships.

As a top racquetball player, Sawyer Howitt has shown the ability to play in a number of different formats. These include men’s doubles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles types of play. His favorite, though, is men’s singles where he has accomplished quite a bit in the game and is dedicated to continuously improving his craft.


Philanthropic Family- Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos have received a lot of critics and attention at the same time for their enormous contribution to the political world and also their support for the community. The question in the minds of many individuals especial y those in the United States is where the funding is coming from. There federal funding cannot be compared to the funding they have been giving the in their philanthropic activities which add up to about $139 million. Betsy DeVos was the United States Education Secretary; her contribution to the Republican candidate in the nation was analyzed before the hearing of being elected as the Education Secretary. At the same time, the couple who resides in West Michigan has raised the pall of their generous funding which is being funded through their family foundation.

During the vetting process for the cabinet position, Betsy said their generous contribution was about $11.6million in 2015. She also mentioned that their charitable giving is double their political funding which has been $5.3million for the last five years. Dick and Betsy DeVos come from a giving family who does not only contribute to the society but great supporters of the Republican Party. Rich DeVos who is the father of Dick and the co-founder of Amway has been a Republican supporter for decades. Rich’s family does not only support politics, but they are significant givers in the society. In 2015 Rich and his children donated $105 million to charity. The family has been great givers, and it has been listed in the Forbes as number 24 in the America’s top givers list. According to Forbes report, the family giving is put to be $1.33 billion which is about a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune.

The DeVos family believes that education is a priority and that is the reason why they give so much in the education sector. In 2015 the family donated 26% of their giving to the education industry. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation also fund other organizations which support the education sector, and in 2015 3% of their giving went to such organizations. The couple said their giving is a reflection of how they value education. According to the DeVos family, the America education system did not give adequate and the required education to the children and households with a low-income. Over time the couple saw the need giving every child in America proper education as they fulfill the American education dream. It is the responsibilities of the DeVos family to improve the education system and help the talented children from low income earning families get a proper education.

Todd Lubar and His Success in the Mortgage Industry over the Years

Todd Lubar has been working in the mortgage industry since 1995 and today is known for his works in the industry. Having started his career as an executive, he built friendship and long term relationships with his insurance agents, financial advisors, and real estate agents. His relations have helped him learn lessons and acquire the skills that are necessary to survive in this competitive industry. He was just a loan originator in a company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation for five years, till 1999 and today is among the well-known personality in the industry. He has set high goals for himself all throughout his career and has not just met them but exceeded the expectations of his seniors, colleagues and his juniors.

Over the years, he has worked with the top companies in the industry that has helped him stand where he is today. From 1999, he worked at the Legacy Financial Group as an equity advisor. It is where he learned about the skills to broker loans to domestic as well as foreign investors. He wanted to do much more than just work for another company. He established his own company Legendary Properties LLC in the year 2002. The company was an estate development company, and soon it became one of the companies in the city. In 2003, he also started another company, charter Finding where he serves as the Senior Vice President, more details can be found on his crunchbase profile.

In the year 2007, the real estate industry was going through a dark patch, but that didn’t stop Todd Lubar. He took it as an opportunity and ventured into many other businesses like the demolition industry and the recycling industry in which he became successful. Today, Todd Lubar is one of the top 25 loan originators in the entire country. It is his hard work and dedication towards his work that has helped him achieved the success that he has today.

Todd Lubar came from a well-educated family, and he went to private schools. He completed his education from Sidwell School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. He then went on to complete his graduation in Communication from Syracuse University where he passed the top of his class. Even though he has earned a good reputation in the industry, he works towards new skills and improves his personality. He does not shy away from teaching younger generation with the skills that he has learned being in the industry for so long.

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Is Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Disease Right For You?

Stem cells are primitive cells that are capable of transforming or developing into other cell types. These cells are able to divide and develop into “specialized” cells of the body that can aide in performing specific functions. They are also known as “undifferentiated” cells, because they have not yet committed to becoming a certain kind of cell of performing a specific function. Since these cells hold the potential to regenerate and repair damaged tissues, they are perfect for therapies that require the use of healthy tissue.

What Are Some Specific Uses for Stem Cells?

One of the most stem cell therapies involves the use of stem cells to treat major pulmonary conditions, such as emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, and chronic bronchitis. Many treatment facilities, including The Lung Institute, use a patient’s own cells which are known as autologous stem cells. These cells are extracted from a patient’s body through one of two treatment options: blood treatments or bone marrow treatments. Once the cells are extracted they are then divided and intravenously returned to the patient’s body (

How Do Stem Cells Target Specific Body Parts?

When an outside substance enters the human body intravenously, it immediately deposits itself in the right side of the heart and is then pushed directly into the lungs. Yet, when it comes to stem cells, these miracle workers are deposited and then become trapped in the lungs. As a result, stem cell therapy is extremely successful in slowing down the progression of certain lung-related conditions.

What is the Lung Institute?

The Lung Institute is a state of the art facility that excels in treating chronic lung disease through stem cell treatment. The Lung Institute has facilities in the following locations:

-Tampa, FL

-Scottsdale, AZ

-Dallas, TX

-Nashville, TN

-Pittsburg, PN

The Lung Institute was founded with a direct focus on the mission of improving the quality of life of patients who are suffer from chronic lung disease. This facility is dedicated to making everyday tasks simpler and attainable for patients (

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He’s Not Just a Chiropractor. Get to Know Brian Torchin

Chiropractor. Owner of a Health Care Staffing Firm.  Educated. According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin does it all. With a background in chiropractic care, Brian knew how difficult job searches could be from both ends of the spectrum. From the difficulties he experienced in finding adequate work and hiring qualified employees, he knew that matching employees and employers could be challenging.

As a result, Brian Torchin formed HCRC Staffing with a mission to bridge the gap between hospitals and health care professionals. With a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science Degree from the University of Delaware and years of chiropractic experience under his belt, Brian embarked on the journey of creating a virtual world in which quality healthcare professionals could be matched with ideal hospitals who need their expertise and experience. With headquarters in in Philadelphia, PA, Torchin’s company is expanding at a rapid pace. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

To this day, Torchin still practices as a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience. He has also expanded his bases overseas to Europe and Asia and has introduced additional offices in Delaware and Florida. Brian has been featured in multiple articles and journals including CNN iReport.

As the current President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC., Brian is focused on using his experience in the health care industry to provide healthcare providers with the best staff possible.

While many health care providers have a good idea of what they think hiring practices should be like, Brian Torchin went the extra mile to make these ideas become a reality. His dedication to placing quality health care professionals where they are needed the most are what drives HCRC Staffing.

Not only does this benefit medical professionals, but it also allows patients to get the care that they need in the facilities that they can access and afford. Brian’s efforts have provided essential services to many individuals all the way from employers to health care professionals to patients.

George Street Photo and Video in Cleveland, Ohio

Some years ago, several young professional photographers in a small Indiana town met in a basement on George Street, a street in the town. They decided to form a nationwide company with the basis being that the photographers would remain independent, but be able to take part in the brand name of the company, called George Street Photo and Video Address because that is the street where they were located when they started the company.

An excellent location for a sumptuous wedding is the House of Blues in the downtown historic Woolworth Building. The venue has plenty room with its 55,000 square foot availability and facilities on Euclid Avenue for a large event or a smaller intimate occasion.

Window on the River offers a spectacular view of historic waterfront of Cleveland. A special wedding program is available where couples can plan the wedding of their choice and make it their own. The high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows make for a spectacular evening sunset wedding with the best of the best features, food, and contemporary services.