George Street Photo and Video in Cleveland, Ohio

Some years ago, several young professional photographers in a small Indiana town met in a basement on George Street, a street in the town. They decided to form a nationwide company with the basis being that the photographers would remain independent, but be able to take part in the brand name of the company, called George Street Photo and Video Address because that is the street where they were located when they started the company.

An excellent location for a sumptuous wedding is the House of Blues in the downtown historic Woolworth Building. The venue has plenty room with its 55,000 square foot availability and facilities on Euclid Avenue for a large event or a smaller intimate occasion.

Window on the River offers a spectacular view of historic waterfront of Cleveland. A special wedding program is available where couples can plan the wedding of their choice and make it their own. The high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows make for a spectacular evening sunset wedding with the best of the best features, food, and contemporary services.

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