How Sawyer Howitt Became A Top Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a senior in high school in Portland, Oregon. He also works at his father’s company, Meriwether Group, as a Project Manager. Sawyer Howitt has a number of personal interests and hobbies including photography, music, pop culture, and following his favorite NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers. One of his biggest passions, though, is playing racquetball.

Sawyer Howitt has been playing racquetball for a number of years now, including at both his Portland high school as well as at The Racquet Club. The Racquet Club is an organization in Portland where the top racquetball players in the area gather in order to regularly compete against each other and improve their game. As a consequence of his devotion to playing the game, Sawyer Howitt has played on the racquetball team that achieved reaching the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championships.

As a top racquetball player, Sawyer Howitt has shown the ability to play in a number of different formats. These include men’s doubles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles types of play. His favorite, though, is men’s singles where he has accomplished quite a bit in the game and is dedicated to continuously improving his craft.


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