The Keys to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Catching Amazon

Catching Amazon in any market is an amazing feat, to be able to do it in the fashion e-commerce market is almost impossible. To really get a good understanding as to why Amazon has pulled away from the pack in this competitive niche, they are taking in 20 percent of all the sales despite there being thousands of competitors. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was in that pack of competitors until their surge over the last years, pulling in an impressive $250 million in sales of their unique active-ear and workout apparel.


The secret to how this clothing company has enjoyed incredible recent success might surprise folks. Hudson says that she can attribute the success of this athleisure brand to a diverse membership program and a sales technique known as reverse showrooming. In order to better understand how these two sales techniques have caused this company to quickly climb the ranks in this market, we have to go to the Fabletics store in the mall first. Here you see shoppers of all ages trying on active-wear, applying for memberships, taking the lifestyle quiz, and feeling zero pressure from the sales associates.


This fashion e-commerce market is quite fierce, and you have to be doing more than simply selling in your store. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has come up with a unique way to connect the mall experience to the online shopping experience. Each time you try on clothing in the mall stores, the workout apparel is instantly moved to the member’s online profile, allowing them to basically continue the shopping experience when they feel up to it. Since these shoppers have already tried on the clothing, they have no restrictions as far as waiting for the clothing to arrive in the mail so they can check it out. What happens is they tend to buy more leggings and yoga pants on impulse.


The biggest reason why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers are breaking sales records for this company are simple, the membership perks are seemingly endless. These loyal customers receive discounts on active-wear pricing, free shipping for orders that are placed online, and your own shopping assistant. Your assistant reviews your lifestyle quiz and selects a piece of workout apparel each month they think you may want to purchase. This is quite a unique shopping experience from the first time you walk into the store to when you log into your member account online.

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