Patty Rocklage- Therapist, Home Keeper and Wife to Emulate

Patty Rocklage is known for many things. She is a supportive wife who has helped her husband grow in a scientific career in which he has made significant strides and achievements. In addition to being a great wife and a home keeper, she has a career that most women envy. Learn more about Patty Rocklage:

With over two decades experience in psychology, Patty has been a great therapist for many people in Boston and the wider metropolitan region. She has been very instrumental in the process of couples and families mending broken relationships and getting back on track. This she does on a daily basis because of her passion and desire to see families united.

Patty schooled at USC where she graduated in 1981. She has been practicing as a therapist for over twenty years and is well known for her warm style, friendly communication approach, and professional accomplishment that she has been able to achieve in the years that she has been in this field. She has a passion for family and couples.

Her specialties are in relationship issues, women matters, and family conflicts. She has been able and continues to handle subjects such as adoptions, life coaching, divorce, life transitions as well as child welfare and adolescents. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist that is celebrated in Boston and beyond. She lives in Boston where she is registered to practice. She has experience in offering marriage and family counselling for individuals facing such challenges.

It is through her years of practicing psychotherapy in her licensed state of Massachusetts that she has been able to pick up the other numerous skills and talents that she is also known for such as being a great team-building expert, a teacher, a public speaker, and a coach. All these skills make her warm and approachable which is one of the things that her clients feel comfortable about.

Apart from her career which is successful, Patty Rocklage is also known to take part in numerous charity activities in her locality. She believes in the community and as such, takes a front lead in matters that contribute towards its growth and success.

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