4 Top Reasons Why Beadboard Wainscoting Is Your Number One Choice

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Traditionally, beadboard wainscoting panels were the ideal solutions for bathroom walls. Back in the day, they were also installed piece by piece whereas today you can find monolithic boards, which mimic the old-style planks. What’s also different today is that you can blend styles, designs, and colors to mix & match architectural styles and echo your own personality. All with one wall board and a few good wall decoration ideas.

What’s so special about beadboard wainscoting panels?


Just like other wainscoting wall panels, beaded ones run horizontally through the lower part of the wall to protect and accentuate it. They might cover half the wall or 1/3 of it. They might also go all the way up to meet the ceiling at the crown molding.


The key elements of classic wainscoting boards are the central panel surrounded by the frame, which consists of the stiles at the sides and the bottom (baseboard) and top (chair rail) moldings.

What’s special about beadboard wainscots is that they come with stiles and moldings, but also stand on their own. Their most distinctive feature is the actual panel. It has beads, which are actually vertical grooves. Once upon a time, each beaded plank went up stick by stick. Today, they come in whole sheets for easy wainscoting installation. AlexMoulding offered so many wainscoting patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

The beaded panels might be narrow or wide to match the style and size of the room. Wide bead spaces are best for tall wainscotings. Narrow planks will look better in shorter panels.

Are beadboards only for bathrooms?

There is no denial that beaded wainscoting panels give a country sense in the room. They are also associated with bathroom installations. But today architectural styles have been broadened and there is a handful of colors and wall decorations to help you transform any part in the house with the help of these special wainscot boards – as long as you like this style.


For instance, a classic bathroom wainscoting design would cover half the wall and be painted in white. But what you can do is cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling, especially if the room is not tall. And although bead boards look absolutely great in white, who said you can’t paint them black or blue? A great combination would be cobalt blue walls and white beadboards or dark blue wainscot with white walls.

So, beadboards might be traditional by association but they can add a very modern wainscoting look. Use these panels in the bathroom or kitchen and then throw some yellow or red accessories in the room and you’ve got yourself the million dollar looks you are looking for.

So, which are the main 4 reasons for beadboard wainscoting installation?


  • Due to their beaded sheets, these special wainscots are the perfect wall décor design – especially for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • But beadboards can be used in a million + one applications. Won’t they look great on the ceiling along with recessed lighting? How about as the backsplash in the kitchen or to cover cabinets, tubs and dishwashers?
  • Although the special pattern of their panel makes an impact on its own, you can still combine these wainscoting panels with wallpapers to create either an antique or super modern look.
  • You can find bead board wainscotings in wood and MDF and paint them in any color you like. This will give you the chance to mix & match styles and colors to give the desired impression. Simply put, you can eliminate the cottage feeling by painting the beadboard in dark green, blue, or black.

Whatever your style, beaded panels have got you covered


  • By playing with colors and changing colors over time, choosing beadboards at waist height or taller, and combining styles and matching wall decorations, you get to use these wainscoting panels anywhere in the house. Think about it.
  • Do you like the cottage looks?
  • Want to wainscot the walls fully or go up half way?
  • Do you just want a touch of beadboard panels in the room?
  • Do you want to play with color combos?

Whatever you want, bead boards can do. That’s why they are the ultimate solution for the best wainscoting design ideas around the house.

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