Anthony Petrello Is A Successful CEO Who Really Does Give Back To The Community

After Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston, Texas, area in 2017, many people came forward to help in any way they could. In a recent Patch article, the author tells how the Houston drilling company Nabors Industries, Ltd and its CEO Anthony Petrello contributed to the relief efforts in a big way.

The employees at Nabors Industries created a disaster relief fund, and raised more than $173,622 in contributions. As a CEO who values the importance of giving back to the local community, Tony Petrello personally donated a matching amount of funds to the relief efforts.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, workers from Nabors Industries were given paid time-off from work in order to assist in the relief efforts. The employees performed in a variety of capacities at different locations that were affected by the storm.

At the Nabors Industries property, an on-site kitchen was utilized to prepare large-scale hot breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for victims of the disaster. While lots of the company’s employees were assisting others in a time of need, approximately ten percent of Nabors Industries’ were also impacted directly by Hurricane Harvey.


With degrees earned from Yale University, Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Anthony Petrello is a socially responsible CEO who is quite philanthropic. Through the years, Mr. Petrello and his wife have made generous donations to a range of charities, including the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have maintained a particular focus on the treatment of childhood neurological disorders. With Anthony Petrello serving as a member of the board at Texas Children’s Hospital, the facility created a new neurological research department.

Education is another subject that is important to Anthony Petrello. While he was a student at Yale, one of Mr. Petrello’s mentors was the renowned mathematician Serge Lang. After Professor Lang passed away, Anthony Petrello donated a large sum of money, and established an endowment at the university in honor of the professor.

Even though he is widely recognized as one of America’s leading business executives, Anthony Petrello remains honest and ethical. Ever since his childhood days in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Petrello has believed in working hard and treating people fairly.

With Anthony Petrello at the helm, Nabors Industries has become one of the world’s largest drilling contractor companies, as well as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

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