Betsy DeVos: The Fighter In The White House

Do not cross Betsy DeVos. I repeat, do not cross Betsy DeVos. It is not as though she is going to be rude to your face, she is just going to get what she desires no matter the cost. She is a political brawler who can operate with a perfectly pleasant appearance and smile on her face. She can make things happen in ways that you do not even realize what is going on until it is all over. This is the light that she needs to be understood in.


The average person from Michigan who is aware of Betsy DeVos might tell you a different story about how they feel about the Michigan native. They might tell you about all of the things that she accomplished for the area, and they might also say what a generous person she is. All of these things are just as true as the statements from the first paragraph. You see, Betsy DeVos is a complex character that can be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with her work.


She comes from a family that has had a long history of political influence in Michigan and beyond. Her husband ran as the Republican nominee for the governorship of Michigan in 2006, but that was only a recent example of their political activities.


Until recently, DeVos was mostly known for her work on a local level. Her and her husband battled against a plan in their home down of Grand Rapids, Michigan against a multi-sport complex being built downtown. They did not like this idea because they feared that it might have the same results as what similar centers had in places like Detroit. They saw a money pit that would not benefit their city in ways that the local leaders had hoped. Instead, they created a group called Grand Rapids Action to battle against the proposal.


The group was successful at beating back the proposal to have the sports center built. Instead, they had several other facilities built in the area, including Michigan State’s school of Medicine. These were the kind of developments that Grand Rapids really needed. These were sustainable projects that actually worked for Grand Rapids.


While they were doing all of this, Betsy in particular was continuing to fight for charter schools. She has a passionate belief that these types of schools are more beneficial to children in terms of their test scores and ability to learn solutions to real-world problems. She strives for charter schools to the kind of schools that more and more American children are sent to.


Today, Betsy DeVos has more influence than ever before. As the Secretary of Education, she can put some of the policies that she has long dreamed of into practice. Considering that she is so controversial in many circles though, there is still a lot of question marks out there about how effective she can be. If history is any lesson, we can expect that she will cut through the clutter of her controversies and still get a lot of work done. Learn more:

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