Review: A Look at How Tim Rush Took his Company to the Next Level with NewsWatch

NewsWatch TV show, owned and operated by video production and communications company Bridge Communications, has been on air since 1990 and has gained significant momentum in the recent past. Based in Washington, DC, the award-winning TV show airs various types of contents, such as consumer news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, editorial and sponsored consumer electronic reviews, medical and government news, and public service announcements, on AMC Network, Ion Television affiliates, and independently syndicated local stations. Each show runs for 30 minutes.

NewsWatch has kept up with the technological advances of the years. In April 2011, NewsWatch started focusing on consumer technologies, working with a myriad of Fortune 500 companies to air product reviews; products of companies like Sony and Audi have been broadcasted by NewsWatch.

Reviews & Testimonials

A recent review by Tim Rush, vice president of Saygus, echoed what many other users of the services of NewsWatch had to say: NewsWatch is exceptional and has helped in not only meeting but exceeding the user companies’ goals. According to Rush, not only of the content of the message, but also the delivery of the message affects how the public perceives a company. Rush highly recommends NewsWatch to any company looking to drive its sales by being more visible to the public.


The AppWatch segment, which started in 2012, has been featuring reviews and news regarding iOS, Android and Windows devices apps. NewsWatch itself directly connects with public via various social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and NewsWatch Blog. There have been many celebrity appearances over the last decade on NewsWatch, such as Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeff Burton.


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