Securus Technologies Receives Customer Comments To Support Their Efforts In Ensuring Better Prisons

Not a long time ago, Securus Technologies created the Wireless Containment Units that were installed in 8 prisons in the USA. These units were designed to ensure that contraband devices if used within the prison compounds by inmates, could not operate at full functionality as the wireless units barred all calls being made to and from unknown numbers. Only certain calls such as calls to 911 and authorized personnel could be dialed from within the prison compounds.


The futuristic technology used by Securus Technologies to create these units also made it possible for the management of jails to record the allowed calls, which in turn has led to some astonishing results. The user comments that were posted by the facility revealed that some of the monitored calls between various parties such as staff members and even inmates resulted not only in the confiscation of contraband items such as drugs and alcohol but also action was against staff members who had blatantly broken the jail’s rules. More such comments are being posted that speak volumes about the efficacy of these units.


Securus Technologies had also come into the limelight a short while ago for receiving the highest accolade in the form of recognition from the Better Business Bureau. The award was given to Securus Technologies as it had not only followed all the mandated guidelines while interacting with customers but also gone well above the expected threshold by creating honest ads that were straightforward. The recent set up of the call center by Securus Technologies has received recognition as well due to the first call resolution rate being 99% and the overall satisfaction score being at 4.3 out of 5.


That’s not all, the recent acquisition of J-Pay by Securus Technologies has helped strengthen the prisons in the USA by allowing for better security and amenities for the premises. The purchase ensures that J-Pay operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company, Securus Technologies while all the joint clients enjoy added benefits of better public safety.

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