Its Drone Detection Time Now; Securus Technologies Proves Its Security Worth Again

Securus Technologies, a security company charged with providing a range of services to over 3, 450 agencies across North America and some 1,200 000 prisoners in the same jurisdiction continues to prove to the world that it is worth its salt. The company, which has its headquarters in Dallas Texas has gone into drone detection technologies in an attempt to prevent drone incursion into prison settings. This is an additional service and technology venture apart from what it has traditionally provided. Securus Technologies offers emergency response services, investigation, biometric analysis, incident management, among an array of other important security and emergency services. The overall goal of the organization is to provide the ultimate security possible. Now, Securus Technologies has picked up its latest security challenge. A project to prevent drone incursion into prisons


Drones and the Security Factor


Drones are the indisputable icons of the 21st Century inventions. We live, practically in the drone era. Drones are used to carry out activities that span from business to personal ones. They are used for surveillance, photography, inspection of facilities and more. Drones have also been adopted by postal service and courier companies to deliver mail and parcels to the intended customers. While drones may have been a reason to make a sigh of relief in business and social areas, they may be used for more than meets the eye.


The Flip Side of Drones


Drones have just been identified for services they may never have been intended for. You may call it accidental discoveries, opportunistic discovery or whatever, but there is a segment of society that has found some illegal use for the devices. Drones have been cited as a serious security threat to prisons. They are being used to ferry contraband products in and out of prisons facilities. Securus Technologies has embarked on a series of tests to detect drone incursion into prisons. The pilot project is intended to improve security, in line with its mission of making the world a more secure place. Drones are used to deliver such contraband goods as cell phones, drugs, and pornography into prison facilities. There is a wide range of contraband goods that could reach the prisoners in this way.


Sometime in 2017, a report by USA Today raised concerns over the use of drones for reaching into the jail cells. The newspaper reported that there were over 12 attempts at delivering contraband into prison facilities using drones. State officials corroborated the story.


The Lure of Drones


Drones are targeted by criminal minded people because they have become affordable, even to individuals. They are also powerful devices that can be sent to distant places and can be operated easily.


Securus Wins Coveted Awards


The Stevie Awards for Customer Service are the most prestigious awards targeting the best-performing companies in customer service, call center response among others. Securus Technologies scooped three Stevie awards in the ceremony that was held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Nevada. The organization won the Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. Ms. Zeperita Jackson, the company’s customer service manager won the Silver for the Customer Service Professional of the Year, while the Video Visitation Team won Bronze for the Frontline Customer Service Award. The Stevie Awards are the top Customer Service Awards globally. The organizers also oversee several other top awards for corporate entities.

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