8 Reasons Why Dating Apps Are The Way To Go

It is more than likely that those who have been single in the last few years have used some type of a dating-app.

Just like the app Bumble, founded by Whitney Wolfe, dating apps tend to be more efficient than a website as well as easier to use. Whitney Wolfe also co-founded Tinder, which happens to be the most popular dating app out there right now. Dating apps are catered to everyone from everything like ones for beard-lovers, to ones for popular standards, like Tinder to ones where women have to message the men first, like Bumble. So what are the benefits of dating apps, which was seen by Whitney Wolfe when she came out with the ever-popular apps, vs using a website?

1. They aren’t only more efficient, but they are also faster to use.
2. Apps will show if there are mutual friends, whereas websites typically don’t do this.
3. It’s easier to see if a prospective match is the right one!
4. Many of the apps out there, such as the ones that Whitney Wolfe founded, will only show messages from people that have been also liked by the user.
5. Apps are made to be used on smaller screens, such as phone screens, so the profiles seen tend to be a lot shorter than those on websites. This is good for those who tend to just skim through, so they are able to get the most important details in a shorter paragraph.
6. Dating apps are typically coming out with more and more features that are new and improved.
7. Dating apps give the ability to make a date with another person who is close by for as soon as right now.
8. Dating apps are the perfect solution for those who work from home, who don’t have the option of going into the office and meeting other singles.

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