Madison Street Capital And A Legacy To Remember

It’s no secret that Madison Street has a legacy that will be remembered long after our time is done. This legacy is one where the fundamentals of investing and finance are exemplified through the Madison name. What we see the agency accomplish today is the standard that’s being set for many more years to come.


You can call MSC a trend setter and without doubt.


As technology changes the aspects, the knowledge and the methods, this one investment banking firm is just as flexible. But this flexibility isn’t why the agency will be remembered in the near or far future. What holds Madison Street Capital reputation to such high expectations is its own history of results.


No One Is Surprised By This Performance


We often see those results celebrated by the financial world also. Every year, just like the music and movie industries do, the financial world also holds award ceremonies where many are to be admired, analyzed and held as an example for the world. There’s no better example of success in the world of finance and as much as Madison Street Capital.


When new ventures happen, this agency is involved.


When new tools hit the market, this agency influences the creative process. So when a firm is labeled as the best in any particular field, Madison Street Capital is expected to hold nominations for that category. With its headquarters in NYC, the firm also has access to the most accurate information.


A Team Around The Clock And Professionalism Every Hour


This access to crucial data enables the Madison Street Capital team to lead its industry and with little effort. You see, it’s not the ability to know what’s going that makes the foundation stand out. The secret behind Madison Street Capital’s spurt of success comes from within.


This identity is only painted by the people who are employed and those who lead MSC.


And one of the most popular characteristics it has is its ability to stay busy entirely around the clock. Though headquarters in New York City, the agency has firms across the globe, and that network creates teamwork which never stops.


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Learn About Madison Street Capital in 3 minutes

Agricultural drones market is a new phenomenon that is fast growing and likely to be of great help to farmers in how they monitor crops and identify areas of spraying. These drone platforms have cameras for precision farming. Madison Street Capital has heavily invested in various industries including food and agriculture and aerospace sector. With its expertise in corporate finance and corporate governance, its advisory services come in handy to agricultural drones market.


The drone visualization technology, smart embedded technology for automation and connectivity to the internet will provide economic growth for astronomical figures. Display technology allows farmers to monitor crops, detect and isolate areas with infections, make decisions about spraying and communicate to each other seamlessly.


Farm Modernisation has reached another level of technology, and its financial implication to farming companies cannot be underestimated and that’s where Madison Street Capital expertise on restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, specific financing design and implementation of drone strategy is needed.This has gone long way in uplifting Madison Street Capital reputation.


Dedicated video and software are in the drone platforms, and drone spraying system become a revolution throughout the world. Technology used includes mapping spraying, pest control, seeding, precision agriculture and remote sensing.


This new phenomenon will eventually transform farming and be able to feed the world’s growing technology. A controlled data-driven agricultural operation with cloud computing, inexpensive sensors, intelligent software is going to be a trillion dollar industry helping produce massive food quantities in solving the world’s greatest threat of drought or climate change on human survival.


A significant number of firms have ventured in agricultural technology where investments reached a whopping $2.6 billion dollars in the 1st half of 2015 and total $4.25 billion dollars doubling capital invested in 2014. Madison Street Capital also provides financial advisory services on venture capital and this bank goes a long way in helping firms willing to invest in agricultural drone technology.


The worldwide agricultural drone market is eventually anticipated to reach $3.69 billion dollars by 2022 up from $494 million dollars the current market share. The drone technology offered to the market uses internet on technology sensors which make it possible to use analytics from imagery collected from ground and helps understand vegetation.


Industrialization in agriculture come a long way since the Stone Age era tools to 20-century mechanization with tractors and columbines. Drone technology is a revolution in agricultural automation.


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Todd Lubar’s Long And Successful Career In Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar is one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in the finance and real estate industries. Presently, he serves as the president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He is also the senior VP of Legendary Investments. Todd graduated from college in 1995. After receiving his BA in speech communication, Todd joined Crestar Mortgage. According to, as a professional who is passionate about business and has the desire to help other people, he knew that his career was in the real estate and the lucrative financial industries.

At Crestar Mortgage, Todd served as a loan originator. Here, he gained invaluable experience. Among other things, Todd learned about the model of conservative mortgage banking. In addition, he developed strong relationships with insurance agents, CPA’s, real estate agents, and financial planners. Today, these professionals form an incredible source of referral to his business.

After working for Crestar Mortgage until 1999, Todd moved on to join the Legacy Financial Group. The company is located in Arlington Texas. Todd helped grow the organization’s Maryland office. He turned it into a production unit of more than $100 million a year in terms of loan volume. Todd worked for Legacy Financial Group until 2005 when he founded Charter Funding. Here, he served as the senior vice president until 2007. Charter Funding was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. His main objective of founding Legendary Financial LLC was to provide underserved clients with financial services. Most of these clients could not access credit from traditional sources because of increased bureaucracies.

Due to the economic changes that affected the mortgage industry in 2007, Todd opted to engage in other businesses. He moved into the recycling business. In addition, he opened a commercial demolition entity. With the passage of time, Todd started and managed a nightclub.

In his long career, Todd’s focus has been in the field of mortgage banking. For several years, Todd has been ranked as one of the leading 25 mortgage originators. His experiences and knowledge in different sectors of economy enabled him to engage in various businesses and succeed. Presently, as the head of TDL Ventures, he focuses on helping those in need. For more info, please visit


Exploring Investment Banking from the Basics

Investment banking is a process where investment banks work as middle persons between investors and a company to help the company issue stocks or bonds. The investment bank offers support in pricing to maximize revenue. It also offers regulatory requirements to help streamline the process. Additionally, an investment bank may come in to assist a company to initiate mergers and acquisitions and also provides ancillary services as well as fixed income instruments. Investment banks do not operate like commercial banks in the sense that investment banks do not facilitate deposits.



In the U.S., investment banks and commercial banks separated through the 1999 Glass-Steagall Act, which repealed to have more universal banks offering a wider variety of services. Therefore, many commercial banks have come up with investment banking divisions through hiring and acquisitions. Some of the banks that hold investment banks include JPMorgan Chase, UBS Barclays, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Credit Suisse.


Investment banking activities

The front office role of an investment bank includes the revenue generating activities the institution handles. This includes mergers and acquisitions as well as tabling advice that may help in making profitable decisions.

Corporate finance is also an aspect that investment banks handle, which includes working with consumers to help them raise funds in stock markets. The bank also offers advice about mergers and acquisitions and this may involve coordinating bidders and negotiating the merger with the two parties.


Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker with more than ten years experience working for different companies. He has helped many clients achieve their goals and his zeal to reach more people forced him to leverage his citizenship.

Martin works hard to mentor young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the industry. His mentor-ship role has been useful in assisting many professionals launch businesses that have grown into internationally recognized enterprises. Martin is especially well versed with business analytic and offers advice to help investors to make profitable decisions in the stock market.