Jason Hope: The Internet Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a well-known American entrepreneur who has invested heavily on internet and other technology-related businesses. The entrepreneur also doubles up as an author. He has written many books, articles and especially on internet and business opportunities that can be harnessed from the internet. Jason is also a commentator on the various and latest technological trends in the current market. Jason has also earned a big reputation in the business world and has often been referred to as a skilled futurist. Jason has a higher understanding on technology and uses the same knowledge that he acquires through technological advancements to predict the future. The knowledge of technology according to Jason can help in determining the future outcome in the business world and especially on matters concerning technology.

Jason Hope and Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a great believer of the internet of things. Internet of things is the latest development in the technology world. It attempts to explain the applicability of internet in our daily lives. Hope believes that with the introduction of the business of things in the business world, it will be able to revolutionize the way business operates and become a great resource in the technology sector.According to Hope, internet of things is an integral part of the world today, and corporations that seek to remain relevant should look into it. Hope argues that the applicability of internet of things has just begun and in years to come it will take the business industry by a storm.

Education Background

Jason Hope has kept secrets as far as his educational background is a concern. We have not been able to unmask some basic information about his education background. For instance, no information is currently available about the high school in which Jason attended. However, Jason attended Arizona State University and earned his MBA from ASU W.P Carey School of Business.


Most information about the early life of Jason Hope remains unknown. The technology entrepreneur has kept most of his personal life matters unknown. His parents remain unknown,and we have not been able to establish whether Jason has other siblings or not. He holds American citizenship,and he is of the white ethnicity. However, Jason Hope grew up in Tempe. In fact, he spends most of his childhood years growing in Tempe before joining the school.The MBA graduate from ASU W.P School of Business has made a great achievement in his internet entrepreneurship.

Anthony Petrello Is A Successful CEO Who Really Does Give Back To The Community

After Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston, Texas, area in 2017, many people came forward to help in any way they could. In a recent Patch article, the author tells how the Houston drilling company Nabors Industries, Ltd and its CEO Anthony Petrello contributed to the relief efforts in a big way.

The employees at Nabors Industries created a disaster relief fund, and raised more than $173,622 in contributions. As a CEO who values the importance of giving back to the local community, Tony Petrello personally donated a matching amount of funds to the relief efforts.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, workers from Nabors Industries were given paid time-off from work in order to assist in the relief efforts. The employees performed in a variety of capacities at different locations that were affected by the storm.

At the Nabors Industries property, an on-site kitchen was utilized to prepare large-scale hot breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for victims of the disaster. While lots of the company’s employees were assisting others in a time of need, approximately ten percent of Nabors Industries’ were also impacted directly by Hurricane Harvey.

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With degrees earned from Yale University, Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Anthony Petrello is a socially responsible CEO who is quite philanthropic. Through the years, Mr. Petrello and his wife have made generous donations to a range of charities, including the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have maintained a particular focus on the treatment of childhood neurological disorders. With Anthony Petrello serving as a member of the board at Texas Children’s Hospital, the facility created a new neurological research department.

Education is another subject that is important to Anthony Petrello. While he was a student at Yale, one of Mr. Petrello’s mentors was the renowned mathematician Serge Lang. After Professor Lang passed away, Anthony Petrello donated a large sum of money, and established an endowment at the university in honor of the professor.

Even though he is widely recognized as one of America’s leading business executives, Anthony Petrello remains honest and ethical. Ever since his childhood days in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Petrello has believed in working hard and treating people fairly.

With Anthony Petrello at the helm, Nabors Industries has become one of the world’s largest drilling contractor companies, as well as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

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Betsy DeVos: A Woman Working For Real Change In Education

Sometimes to really understand what it takes to make classrooms more conducive to learning, you need to understand being a parent and knowing how to stretch and grow a student’s mind. That’s what Betsy DeVos, the current US Education Secretary knows having been a mother to several children and being the founder of a charter school in Grand Rapids, MI. She’s a leader in many charities including American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc., Xprize Foundation and other health and wellness research groups. Betsy DeVos was once interviewed with Philanthropy Roundtable before President Trump chose her as Education Secretary, and she had several things to say about school of choice.


DeVos told Philanthropy Roundtable that she believes the time is now for even more opportunities that advanced technology can provide to the classroom and that more school of choice policies can be implemented. She said that it was sending her own children to private school that made her realize how important it was to give less fortunate families the same opportunities her children had with good schools, and that inspired her and Dick to start the DeVos Foundation and its scholarship funds. Betsy stated that what she’s most proud of is doing the old-fashioned door-to-door, phone calls and radio ad work that goes with grassroots reform efforts when promoting educational policies at the state level. She was part of a ballot initiative that came up short in the 2000 election in Michigan that would have given private schools tax credits, and she also organized similar efforts in states like Louisiana.


To learn more about Betsy DeVos, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.


Betsy DeVos is the daughter of Edgar and Elsa Prince and the brother of Eric Prince, all of whom have accomplished many things in the business world and even for the US military. She attended Calvin College where she got her bachelor’s in business, and married Dick DeVos Jr., the son of Michigan multilevel marketing guru Richard DeVos Sr. who also owns the NBA’s Orlando Magic. She and Dick served on the boards of Amway and also founded The Windquest Group, a Grand Rapids investment company that’s seed funded many alternative energy and advanced sciences companies across Michigan. Betsy DeVos also became the chairperson of the Michigan Republican party both in 1996-2000 and then again in 2003 up to 2008. She not only hosted fundraising events across Michigan, she also was outspoken against then Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Philanthropy And Education Highlight The Work Of Betsy DeVos

Over the years I have become increasingly concerned about the direction the U.S. education system was moving in as I saw firsthand how the public school system was failing students across the nation. In the 1990s, I began to become aware of the work being completed by education reformer Betsy DeVos, who I was pleased to see was finally rewarded for more than three decades of success in the education reform community with her promotion to the position of U.S. Secretary of Education; I believe the work Mrs. DeVos has completed as a reformer and as an advocate for at risk students across the state of Michigan have prepared her to take on the most significant role in the U.S. education system and show how successful some new ideas and thinking can be in repairing a failing system. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Educated at Michigan’s Calvin College, the philanthropic career of Betsy DeVos began in earnest when her own children reached school age prompting Betsy and her husband Dick to begin touring the state of Michigan to find the best possible school for their children. Betsy has stated in interviews about her family and philanthropic work that she cannot identify a single moment when she began feeling she had to do more about the state of the public school system, initially in Michigan and later across the U.S.; instead, Betsy DeVos points to the fact her own mother was a public school teacher and the many visits Mrs. DeVos took to the Potter’s House Christian School as moments she feels were important in forming her opinions about how to move the U.S. public school system forward. I have been impressed by the way Betsy DeVos has sought to expand her own reach as an education reformer who has championed the use of charter schools, including the Michigan charter schools program that has proven to be a major success for students across the state in improving grades across the board.

Although I initially knew of the work of Betsy DeVos in terms of her education reform work I have recently discovered the newly installed Secretary of Education has a long history of success as a philanthropist in many different areas. One of the major beneficiaries of the philanthropic work of Betsy DeVos has been the arts, which Mrs. DeVos believes plays a key role in developing a well rounded community; both the Kennedy Center for the Arts and Grand Rapids, Michigan based ArtPrize have seen major donations made by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. I have been majorly impressed by the work completed by Betsy DeVos in terms of the arts as she was even appointed to the Board of the Kennedy Center at the behest of then President George W. Bush. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

How George Soros Succeeds in the Open Society Ideology

George Soros was born in 1930 in Nazi Hungary during the time of war and fled his country to London where he was able to get the education and other fortunes. Soros was able to join London School of Economics exposing him to the concept of open society from Karl Popper’s philosophy. He started working as a railway porter and waiter before he began his career in finance as a merchant bank. Soros moved to New York and started his hedge fund business in 1969, which later grew to be a Quantum fund. He heavily invests on the Soros Fund Management which has more than $30 billion assets. In 1992 he secured a lot of profits from shortening the British pound. Soros has recently hired Dawn Fitzpatrick as the chief officer of the Foundation.

In 1984, Soros started an open society foundation which was aiming to initiate and provide copy machines to libraries, Universities, civil society groups and the Soviet-dominated Hungary to help in reprinting banned publication. The Foundation advocates for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, social justice and responsibilities. He uses the ideology to pass his ideas to people in more than 100 countries where the foundation operates. Soros has politically active helping and supporting many local leaders in the great works of overthrowing authoritative governments and their regimes from power like in Ukraine in 200 and Serbia in 2000. H also helped the old Warsaw pact and ex-USSR by advising them on their transition to democracy and free markets. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros highly critiques the leadership of Donald Trump. Soros has been in the forefront to confront some social injustices the immigrants and refugees face in the hands of the government. The Hungary prime minister says that Soros is very influential and initiative in his way after he asked for a common European policy that will take care of migrants from the tight migration regulations. His foundation also aims to solve social issues affecting the society. Soros is a very active philanthropist donating $500 to investments which address the issues of refugees, migrants, and host communities. He has been giving millions to the Democratic Party.

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Philanthropic Family- Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos have received a lot of critics and attention at the same time for their enormous contribution to the political world and also their support for the community. The question in the minds of many individuals especial y those in the United States is where the funding is coming from. There federal funding cannot be compared to the funding they have been giving the in their philanthropic activities which add up to about $139 million. Betsy DeVos was the United States Education Secretary; her contribution to the Republican candidate in the nation was analyzed before the hearing of being elected as the Education Secretary. At the same time, the couple who resides in West Michigan has raised the pall of their generous funding which is being funded through their family foundation.

During the vetting process for the cabinet position, Betsy said their generous contribution was about $11.6million in 2015. She also mentioned that their charitable giving is double their political funding which has been $5.3million for the last five years. Dick and Betsy DeVos come from a giving family who does not only contribute to the society but great supporters of the Republican Party. Rich DeVos who is the father of Dick and the co-founder of Amway has been a Republican supporter for decades. Rich’s family does not only support politics, but they are significant givers in the society. In 2015 Rich and his children donated $105 million to charity. The family has been great givers, and it has been listed in the Forbes as number 24 in the America’s top givers list. According to Forbes report, the family giving is put to be $1.33 billion which is about a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune.

The DeVos family believes that education is a priority and that is the reason why they give so much in the education sector. In 2015 the family donated 26% of their giving to the education industry. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation also fund other organizations which support the education sector, and in 2015 3% of their giving went to such organizations. The couple said their giving is a reflection of how they value education. According to the DeVos family, the America education system did not give adequate and the required education to the children and households with a low-income. Over time the couple saw the need giving every child in America proper education as they fulfill the American education dream. It is the responsibilities of the DeVos family to improve the education system and help the talented children from low income earning families get a proper education.