Bringing the love and tenderness of family into the prison reform agenda

Children are mostly not allowed to go to prisons. They are not even encouraged to be near inmates. But recent studies suggest that actually kids can help even the most disgruntled souls to sober up and be positive. This is so especially when the kids are related to the offender. The relationship could be father, mother, brother, son, daughter and so on.

To keep the love and connection going between those people who are incarcerated and their significant others especially children has always been a challenge. Only calls have been available to family and relatives. Today, Securus Technologies sees the fruits of concerted efforts to make communication better and better every day through kid’s video visitation.

Securus is a prison communication service provider. It is based in Dallas but operates in over 2500 correctional facilities. It is by far the largest and most comprehensive inmate communication provider in the country. It combines cutting edge security protocols in calls, data analytics, inmate calls to and outside the prison walls, and offers other security analytics solutions.
Securus Technologies boast a diverse team of professionals in technology, security matter, VoIP, data, among others.
Under the current video visitation program, the family and friends can bring the home experience to the inmate through video. The video streaming uses the best internet protocols set up in the most secure way to facilitate timely, quality and efficiency one on one communication.

If I have a birthday, I can relive every moment of the birthday on live video for the inmate. The inmate can partake in virtually every family event. I can be involved in a child’s birthday, help with school work, check progress and many other things. In short, the video visitation for kids is an opportunity to be a parent even when you are miles away from home. My child need not miss parental love and upbringing because I am in prison.

On the other hand, older kids, especially teenagers can learn something about prison experience and encourage them to be law abiding. To dispel this nonsensical popular culture, when kids see firsthand what it means to have no freedom to move as you wish, they can learn the importance of being on the right side of the law.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.