The Journey To Assist First Time Homeowners: A Tale Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright, the founder of RPS Solutions LLC and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, works tirelessly towards a cause close to heart- to help consumers fulfill housing dreams by streamlining the home-ownership process and educating interested participants on home ownership fundamentals.

RPS Solutions LLC is the Baltimore-based brainchild of Seawright- a company involved in government contracted property development founded in 2015. RPS oversees, designs and builds houses for first-time home buyers, in an effort to boost affordable housing opportunities for potential Maryland homeowners, particularly those residing in the Baltimore regional area. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

A modern economic financial strategist, it has been a life long passion of Kevin Seawright’s to help empower consumers by assisting with the home ownership process and turning dreams into a reality. Recognized for tireless efforts to grow community bonds, Kevin Seawright has achieved distinction and recognition from industry peers and has received numerous awards such as the Bridges to the Future Award bestowed by Met Life.

Currently attending the Mendoza College of Business and in pursuit of an MBA, Kevin Seawright stays active in the community by participating in causes that generate social growth and community awareness such as kids programs.

As a coach for various local Baltimore youth sports programs, Seawright stays true to the personal mantra of self-sacrifice and living life in order to give back to the community. Active on social media such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Twitter, Seawright maintains community outreach with posted videos and shared comments revealing insight on personal and public experiences.

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