Kevin Seawright’s Massive Passion for Rebuilding Newark

Kevin Seawright has done a whole lot for New Jersey and residents of Newark really appreciate what he brings to the table. There are children that have had the chance to work as summer employees because Kevin Seawright has made funds available for teenagers that want summer work jobs.

He feels like this is an investment back into the community because it gives teens a chance to try out a position and possibly come back and work in this capacity down the line as adults. Seawright whole-heartedly believes that Newark has a chance to be great, and he believes that it starts with investing in the people. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

There have been a lot of people down through the years that have worked in the development of Newark, but Kevin may be one of the most prepared individuals to help with the economic development.

He has already had many years of providing his financial expertise to the government in other positions in Newark, and now he is the CFO for Newark Economic Development Corporation. His position here shows that Seawright has all the elements that are needed to make Newark better.

According to Crunchbase, When it comes to budgeting and allocating resources to the right places Kevin Seawright has become the expert that Newark needs. This city – that is commonly known as Brick City – is in a stage of rebuilding. Kevin was brought on as the CFO in 2014.

Before that he was an executive director of operations in Maryland. He had already worked in executive roles, and he knew how to handle large sums of money from his experience with Tito Contractors as a Vice President.

The state of any city will often depend on the people that are in charge of the resources that are available. When there are capable people in charge to help cities rebuild it is much easier for a city to thrive.

If there are not any capable leaders in place a city can become much less attractive to residents that live there. Kevin Seawright is trying to make sure that residents and newcomers are attracted to what Newark offers them.