Kim Dao Enjoys The Eiffel Tower

Kim Dao is heading to Paris today. She is very excited about it. Her family has made breakfast. Kim Dao and Bambigirl have their passports. They look around and buy some water. They made it to the airport and checked in their bags. They have about an hour before their flight to Paris. Kim Dao is sleepy. She always gets sleepy when she is in the airport. She plans to sleep on the plane and recharge. Once they reach Paris, they plan on siteseeing. They are now on the plan headed to Paris. Learn more:


They arrive in Paris. They are now in their hotel room. They eat some food. They just want to walk around and look at all the sites. The weather is beautiful. Kim Dao records some of the sites around Paris. They take a lot of pictures. They are very happy to be in Paris. They do some shopping. Kim Dao tries on a dress. They have some ice cream with the Eiffel Tower in their view. They record and take photos of the Eiffel Tower. Kim Dao mentions that they enjoy taking pictures. They are very tired but they are determined to take as many photos as they can before the sun sets. Learn more:


They have dinner. Kim Dao orders nachos for dinner because she isn’t very hungry. They are back in the hotel. Of course, they are very tired from their day out. They did a lot of walking and took 500 photos. Kim Dao is about to take a shower and head to bed. They plan on going shopping tomorrow.


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