Freedom Life Insurance Breaks Down Choosing a Policy that Protects Your Beneficiary

Losing someone close is devastating enough. Families often suffer extreme financial stress after a main breadwinner dies. This financial burden can be alleviated by a life insurance beneficiary check. The money can be used to pay for funeral expenses, home mortgage payments, medical bills and the increasingly higher costs of a good college education.

While families will still go through the normal grieving process, it is easier without the fear of being unable to afford their accustomed lifestyle. Freedom Life Insurance has splendid life insurance policies designed to protect a beneficiary’s financial future long after the sad death of their loved one.

With so many life insurance companies crowding today’s marketplace, it can be a daunting task to find the ideal plan. A consumer must decide whether to purchase a permanent or term life insurance policy. Permanent life insurance coverage is the most popular choice among consumers. Most go with a whole-life insurance policy.

Premium rates are dependent on age, with younger consumers paying the lowest premiums. The rates for permanent life insurance remain the same as long as the policy is open. Another benefit of this life insurance type is the option to borrow from the policy’s worth at some time in the future.

Other consumers find a term life insurance plan more to their liking. Term life insurance is meant to provide necessary coverage for lengths of time selected by policy holder. This may be an excellent choice for people not wanting to pay the higher rates of longer-length, permanent life insurance policies.

Term coverage is intended for people wanting the relief of coverage for periods of 10, 15 even 25 years. A term life insurance policy is much less expensive in most cases. Freedom Life Insurance is one stellar company that sells policies for either permanent or term coverage.

Don’t be mislead by exaggerated advertising from less reputable life insurance businesses. According to Bloomberg, consumers can get valuable, friendly advice from qualified Freedom Life Insurance representatives. This trustworthy company will give consumers all of the facts they need to decide which life insurance policy is their best bet.

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A Fond Farewell To Lauded Diplomat, Daniel Taub

It is not every day that someone gets to meet the Queen of England but this is just what Daniel Taub did on fine day in 2011 as part of a ambassadorial trip. For Daniel Taub, who was himself born in the 60s in England but immigrated to Israel due to his Orthodox Judaism, this was something of a homecoming. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

As of his 2011 meeting with the Queen of England, Mr. Taub was operating as the premier Israeli diplomat and was overjoyed to be returning to the country he had grownup in. The Queen had a interesting question to ask: Who did it feel to be a representative to the very country he had been born in?

Daniel Taub responded that he couldn’t be happier to be doing it as it allowed him the opportunity to build up bridges between the two world powers that had not even existed and patch up those which had since fallen into disrepair.

Such was the ethos of the Israeli diplomat who would, only four years later, retire wholly from political life. Mr. Taub was so effective in his role as ambassador that during his retirement party a whole host of England’s Jewish community flocked to see him and give him a proper send off and lament his exit from world politics.

All of them were intensely saddened to see him go. A bevvy of opinion polls have since shown that Taub was one of the single most popular Israeli political envoys to Britain of all time, rivaling even former famed diplomat, Schlomo Argov. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Somewhat later, when Mr. Taub spoke publicly about his exit from politics he was asked what he thought contributed most to his immense popularity and political success. He responded that building bridges instead of burning them down was, of course, central to any political success but also noted another more central factor, putting aside one’s own personal bias in favor of the greater good.

Mr. Taub stated that many of the politicians he spoke to continuously asked him how he managed to remain so neutral and open minded, how he was able to separate his personal opinions from the needs of the nations he was representing and negotiating with.

He responded flatly that what was good for Israel was good for him and for many other countries in the world.

Lori Senecal: Internet Adverts Can Achieve the Intended Impact if Created the Right Way

Over the years, ways of advertising have evolved to adapt to the changing technology. Creating a successful advertising campaign can, however, prove a challenge to businesses. An advertising guru, Lori Senecal, shed some insight on the best approaches that one can adopt to ensure the advert gets the impact intended. Lori also expounded on some advertising avenues that are trending.

Rising Avenues

Mobile phones have become a must-have possession for most people recently. These owners are also believed to spend a great portion of their time on these devices. These reasons are what makes mobile advertising an effective way of selling any product or service. Statistics show that about $60 billion was earned from internet marketing in 2015. It is notable that a bigger percentage of the revenue was through the mobile phones.

The use of social media platforms has been on the rise in the last few years. Avenues, such as Google and Facebook, provide a good arena for businesses to parade their products and services. Statics indicate that these two platforms have greatly contributed to the growth of advertising by about 76 percent between 2014 and 2015.

How to Increase the Impact

Even with many people accessing Internet ads, some challenges hinder their effectiveness. Many people are bothered by such adverts mostly opting to block or skip them especially when they are long. Businesses can ensure that their ads get viewed by creating shorter ones that capture the viewers’ attention. Businesses also need to consider the age factor when settling on avenues like Facebook for advertising. Most Facebook users are the young people. Creating ads with them in mind increases the effectiveness. Another upcoming way is the use of messaging apps as an advertising arena. The viewer is more likely to pay attention if an advert features a relatable person rather than a celebrity.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a titan in the advertising industry gauging by the experience she has gathered over the years. Her current engagement is her post at Crispin Porter + Bogusky as the International Executive Officer. She previously worked for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners among other top companies.

Lori Senecal studied at McGill University. Her area of study was in Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing and finance.

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Kim Dao Enjoys The Eiffel Tower

Kim Dao is heading to Paris today. She is very excited about it. Her family has made breakfast. Kim Dao and Bambigirl have their passports. They look around and buy some water. They made it to the airport and checked in their bags. They have about an hour before their flight to Paris. Kim Dao is sleepy. She always gets sleepy when she is in the airport. She plans to sleep on the plane and recharge. Once they reach Paris, they plan on siteseeing. They are now on the plan headed to Paris. Learn more:


They arrive in Paris. They are now in their hotel room. They eat some food. They just want to walk around and look at all the sites. The weather is beautiful. Kim Dao records some of the sites around Paris. They take a lot of pictures. They are very happy to be in Paris. They do some shopping. Kim Dao tries on a dress. They have some ice cream with the Eiffel Tower in their view. They record and take photos of the Eiffel Tower. Kim Dao mentions that they enjoy taking pictures. They are very tired but they are determined to take as many photos as they can before the sun sets. Learn more:


They have dinner. Kim Dao orders nachos for dinner because she isn’t very hungry. They are back in the hotel. Of course, they are very tired from their day out. They did a lot of walking and took 500 photos. Kim Dao is about to take a shower and head to bed. They plan on going shopping tomorrow.


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Things you need to know about Jeremy Goldstein

Many companies have over the past years stopped to provide their workers with stock options due to various reasons. Most of these companies do so due to the different problems that they face including the risk of value reduction which makes it impossible for the employees to enjoy the service.

Besides, the company’s stock and expenditure announcement make it hard for the companies to provide the service to their employees. On the other hand, most employees are no longer interested in the compensations because they are mostly affected by the changes in the economy or market, which in turn make the options almost impossible to achieve.

Besides, employees who opt to use the stock options get to save their cash as some of the options provide insurance to them and many other advantages which reduce their level of expenditure. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The options also ensure a significant development of a company because the employees work hard towards raising the value of the company which in turn increases the number of choices for them to choose and benefit.

A company that is willing to provide its employees with stock options should apply the most effective strategies to avoid collapse due to losses incurred as a result of high expenses.

Companies should focus on knock out options which expire at a particular time when the company’s stock drops to a specific level. The knockout options help solve most of the problems experienced by businesses and are considered a valid option to use.

Most Corporations that need advice on customer benefits and rights seek advice from attorney Jeremy Goldstein, who has a passion towards offering solutions to firms with such issues.

Jeremy is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein LLC, a law firm which focuses on providing help on compensation committees, CEO management teams and emerging issues in transformative corporate events.

Jeremy has worked in many law companies and has many decades of experience. He has worked with the Daw corporate company, NYSE Group Inc, among others.

Jeremy is listed as one of the most influential and leading executive compensation lawyers and writes on issues related to customer compensation in various platforms.

A Look at Why Jose Borghi is an Advertising Expert to Reckon with in Brazil and the Rest of the World

Jose Borghi has undeniably proven to be one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil. In fact, he is the brains behind the inception of the Mullen Lowe agency, which was previously known as Borghi Lowe. Jose Borghi is also acknowledged in the Brazilian advertising industry for creating memorable advertising campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat, which includes children dressed as stuffed animals. Aside from jingles, the children sing an unforgettable hit song by Zeze de Camargo and Luciano dubbed It is the Love.

Earlier in his life, Jose Borghi faced difficulty in identifying the ideal career path to follow. However, all that changed during his third year of high school. Jose’s sister invited him to attend a presentation of commercials hosted at the Castro Neves Theater. The performance helped to clear his mind and set him up for a successful future.


Jose Borghi holds a degree in adverting and propaganda from the popular Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Rio de Janeiro. After culminating his studies, he landed his first job at Standard Ogilvy agency in 1989. Jose Borghi later moved to several other well-known advertising agencies in Brazil like Talent, FCB, DM9/DDB and Leo Burnett. His vast experience and knowledge in the Brazilian adverting world propelled him to partner with Erh Ray in a bid to create an ad agency called BorghiErh. At the time, they had no godfather, bank support or investors and what Jose Borghi knows.

Jose and Erh Ray worked hard to grow the agency from scratch. As such, they quickly garnered numerous clients of which most of them are still loyal customers to date. In December 2006, Lowe partnered with the agency to form Borghi Lowe. This rebranding took place after Erh Ray abandoned his partnership. Since then, the adverting agency has grown more successful and popular both in Brazil and globally. This growth attracted the Mullen Group, which joined forces with Borghi Lowe to form Mullen Lowe. As a result, Jose Borghi is the current co-CEO alongside Andre Gomes, a prominent Brazilian publicist and more information click here.


Borghi’s experience and career trajectory have taught him that nothing comes easy. He is well-aware of his ability to persevere in adverse circumstances. As a result, he has learnt to rely more on his effort as opposed to external aspects. Throughout his career, Jose Borghi has created campaigns for top companies like Folha Group, Unilever, America On Line among many others. Additionally, he has won numerous industry accolades including 10 Clios Awards, 14 Cannes Lions and 10 The One Show Awards among others and his facebook.

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Patty Rocklage- Therapist, Home Keeper and Wife to Emulate

Patty Rocklage is known for many things. She is a supportive wife who has helped her husband grow in a scientific career in which he has made significant strides and achievements. In addition to being a great wife and a home keeper, she has a career that most women envy. Learn more about Patty Rocklage:

With over two decades experience in psychology, Patty has been a great therapist for many people in Boston and the wider metropolitan region. She has been very instrumental in the process of couples and families mending broken relationships and getting back on track. This she does on a daily basis because of her passion and desire to see families united.

Patty schooled at USC where she graduated in 1981. She has been practicing as a therapist for over twenty years and is well known for her warm style, friendly communication approach, and professional accomplishment that she has been able to achieve in the years that she has been in this field. She has a passion for family and couples.

Her specialties are in relationship issues, women matters, and family conflicts. She has been able and continues to handle subjects such as adoptions, life coaching, divorce, life transitions as well as child welfare and adolescents. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist that is celebrated in Boston and beyond. She lives in Boston where she is registered to practice. She has experience in offering marriage and family counselling for individuals facing such challenges.

It is through her years of practicing psychotherapy in her licensed state of Massachusetts that she has been able to pick up the other numerous skills and talents that she is also known for such as being a great team-building expert, a teacher, a public speaker, and a coach. All these skills make her warm and approachable which is one of the things that her clients feel comfortable about.

Apart from her career which is successful, Patty Rocklage is also known to take part in numerous charity activities in her locality. She believes in the community and as such, takes a front lead in matters that contribute towards its growth and success.

The Keys to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Catching Amazon

Catching Amazon in any market is an amazing feat, to be able to do it in the fashion e-commerce market is almost impossible. To really get a good understanding as to why Amazon has pulled away from the pack in this competitive niche, they are taking in 20 percent of all the sales despite there being thousands of competitors. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was in that pack of competitors until their surge over the last years, pulling in an impressive $250 million in sales of their unique active-ear and workout apparel.


The secret to how this clothing company has enjoyed incredible recent success might surprise folks. Hudson says that she can attribute the success of this athleisure brand to a diverse membership program and a sales technique known as reverse showrooming. In order to better understand how these two sales techniques have caused this company to quickly climb the ranks in this market, we have to go to the Fabletics store in the mall first. Here you see shoppers of all ages trying on active-wear, applying for memberships, taking the lifestyle quiz, and feeling zero pressure from the sales associates.


This fashion e-commerce market is quite fierce, and you have to be doing more than simply selling in your store. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has come up with a unique way to connect the mall experience to the online shopping experience. Each time you try on clothing in the mall stores, the workout apparel is instantly moved to the member’s online profile, allowing them to basically continue the shopping experience when they feel up to it. Since these shoppers have already tried on the clothing, they have no restrictions as far as waiting for the clothing to arrive in the mail so they can check it out. What happens is they tend to buy more leggings and yoga pants on impulse.


The biggest reason why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers are breaking sales records for this company are simple, the membership perks are seemingly endless. These loyal customers receive discounts on active-wear pricing, free shipping for orders that are placed online, and your own shopping assistant. Your assistant reviews your lifestyle quiz and selects a piece of workout apparel each month they think you may want to purchase. This is quite a unique shopping experience from the first time you walk into the store to when you log into your member account online.

Dr. Akhil Reddy; the dentist great at wine tasting

In the market, there are excellent wines whose prices can be afforded by the average citizens. The only challenge is finding the right place where great wine is sold. Most of these inexpensive wines taste amazing, and yet their prices do not exceed $30 which is the beauty of it all. The main focus of Dr. Akhil Reddy is the provision of inexpensive healthcare to all irrespective of their stature or status. Being both a dentist and a wine connoisseur, Mr. Reddy tries to deliver excellent vintage that will be accessible by all budgets in the economy. He has then successfully combined a list of wines with a great taste similar to those high profiled ones with their cost rather affordable.

The other technique of getting the best wine may entail assessing grape types which do not get as much attention as they deserve. These may be types like Voisinho and Chenin Blanc. According to him French taste in fine dining is never complete without the ultimate accompanying of good wine. Dr. Akhil is currently attached to MB2 Dental practitioners where he is the leading dentist. This dental facility gives dentists the resources and capacity to practice their expertise in various parts of the United States. MB2 Dental is a successful company that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Steven Villanueva. It has since grown to be much stable with more than 75 employees and offices exceeding 60 in different parts of the country.

Dr. Akhil is a dentist by profession who also happens to have a passion for wines. His long hunt for good varietals has seen become a better wine connoisseur with a taste for composed flavors and expertise in the production of wine. He has sufficient knowledge that will let him find great wines from where nobody expected. He received his B.S. in Biological science from University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program before attaining his Doctorate in Dental Surgery at the age of 23. His early career started after graduation as he moved back to his home state in Dallas to practice. His expertise in family dentistry and cosmetics allowed him to flourish in the field. The ability to give comprehensive and maximize the regions served started from his multiple partnerships and consultations with accomplished dentist doctors. He owes his success to the collaboration of those working below him as they constantly give him advice and fresh ideas.

Karl Heideck: The Great Attorney And Law Practitioner

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, in 2003. Later on, Karl graduated with a Juris Doctor from Temple University’s James E. Leaflet School of law in 2009.

Heideck then practiced Law for over a decade earning his stripes. He served as a project attorney for Paper Hamilton LLC. Besides this, Karl also worked in an associate’s position at Conrad O’brien. In 2015, Karl was listed as a contract attorney by The Hire Counsel.

Through his years of service, Karl Heideck equipped himself with unique skills and knowledge in law. He also gained profound expertise in filing and responding to complaints. Karl offers a range of services including corporate law representation and compliance consultation. In addition to this, Karl also rights articles on the law.

Karl wrote an article regarding Pennsylvania Employment Law for small business. He highlights various factors about the law to guide business people in Pennsylvania. Karl highlighted critical laws that are impacting companies. This includes the Employment law and the Child Labor Law.

Karl also highlighted the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act laid down rules for the minimum wages to be paid to employees. The article also highlighted The Family and Medical Leave Act. The Act is about measures to be taken for employees who have taken a leave. It also states the number of weeks a leave should consist.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act was also highlighted in Karl’s article. The Act states that employers must equally treat all their employees despite their age. On breaking this law, employers will face discrimination lawsuits.

Karl also wrote about the IRS Worker Classification. These gauged how much control employers exerted on their employees. The article also talked about hiring, harassment, and discrimination. This involves equal employment Laws. At the same time, Karl wrote on The Situation Specific Laws. Karl’s article helped business people in Pennsylvania gain clear insight on laws governing their businesses.

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