Patty Rocklage- Therapist, Home Keeper and Wife to Emulate

Patty Rocklage is known for many things. She is a supportive wife who has helped her husband grow in a scientific career in which he has made significant strides and achievements. In addition to being a great wife and a home keeper, she has a career that most women envy. Learn more about Patty Rocklage:

With over two decades experience in psychology, Patty has been a great therapist for many people in Boston and the wider metropolitan region. She has been very instrumental in the process of couples and families mending broken relationships and getting back on track. This she does on a daily basis because of her passion and desire to see families united.

Patty schooled at USC where she graduated in 1981. She has been practicing as a therapist for over twenty years and is well known for her warm style, friendly communication approach, and professional accomplishment that she has been able to achieve in the years that she has been in this field. She has a passion for family and couples.

Her specialties are in relationship issues, women matters, and family conflicts. She has been able and continues to handle subjects such as adoptions, life coaching, divorce, life transitions as well as child welfare and adolescents. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist that is celebrated in Boston and beyond. She lives in Boston where she is registered to practice. She has experience in offering marriage and family counselling for individuals facing such challenges.

It is through her years of practicing psychotherapy in her licensed state of Massachusetts that she has been able to pick up the other numerous skills and talents that she is also known for such as being a great team-building expert, a teacher, a public speaker, and a coach. All these skills make her warm and approachable which is one of the things that her clients feel comfortable about.

Apart from her career which is successful, Patty Rocklage is also known to take part in numerous charity activities in her locality. She believes in the community and as such, takes a front lead in matters that contribute towards its growth and success.

The Keys to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Catching Amazon

Catching Amazon in any market is an amazing feat, to be able to do it in the fashion e-commerce market is almost impossible. To really get a good understanding as to why Amazon has pulled away from the pack in this competitive niche, they are taking in 20 percent of all the sales despite there being thousands of competitors. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was in that pack of competitors until their surge over the last years, pulling in an impressive $250 million in sales of their unique active-ear and workout apparel.


The secret to how this clothing company has enjoyed incredible recent success might surprise folks. Hudson says that she can attribute the success of this athleisure brand to a diverse membership program and a sales technique known as reverse showrooming. In order to better understand how these two sales techniques have caused this company to quickly climb the ranks in this market, we have to go to the Fabletics store in the mall first. Here you see shoppers of all ages trying on active-wear, applying for memberships, taking the lifestyle quiz, and feeling zero pressure from the sales associates.


This fashion e-commerce market is quite fierce, and you have to be doing more than simply selling in your store. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has come up with a unique way to connect the mall experience to the online shopping experience. Each time you try on clothing in the mall stores, the workout apparel is instantly moved to the member’s online profile, allowing them to basically continue the shopping experience when they feel up to it. Since these shoppers have already tried on the clothing, they have no restrictions as far as waiting for the clothing to arrive in the mail so they can check it out. What happens is they tend to buy more leggings and yoga pants on impulse.


The biggest reason why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers are breaking sales records for this company are simple, the membership perks are seemingly endless. These loyal customers receive discounts on active-wear pricing, free shipping for orders that are placed online, and your own shopping assistant. Your assistant reviews your lifestyle quiz and selects a piece of workout apparel each month they think you may want to purchase. This is quite a unique shopping experience from the first time you walk into the store to when you log into your member account online.

Dr. Akhil Reddy; the dentist great at wine tasting

In the market, there are excellent wines whose prices can be afforded by the average citizens. The only challenge is finding the right place where great wine is sold. Most of these inexpensive wines taste amazing, and yet their prices do not exceed $30 which is the beauty of it all. The main focus of Dr. Akhil Reddy is the provision of inexpensive healthcare to all irrespective of their stature or status. Being both a dentist and a wine connoisseur, Mr. Reddy tries to deliver excellent vintage that will be accessible by all budgets in the economy. He has then successfully combined a list of wines with a great taste similar to those high profiled ones with their cost rather affordable.

The other technique of getting the best wine may entail assessing grape types which do not get as much attention as they deserve. These may be types like Voisinho and Chenin Blanc. According to him French taste in fine dining is never complete without the ultimate accompanying of good wine. Dr. Akhil is currently attached to MB2 Dental practitioners where he is the leading dentist. This dental facility gives dentists the resources and capacity to practice their expertise in various parts of the United States. MB2 Dental is a successful company that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Steven Villanueva. It has since grown to be much stable with more than 75 employees and offices exceeding 60 in different parts of the country.

Dr. Akhil is a dentist by profession who also happens to have a passion for wines. His long hunt for good varietals has seen become a better wine connoisseur with a taste for composed flavors and expertise in the production of wine. He has sufficient knowledge that will let him find great wines from where nobody expected. He received his B.S. in Biological science from University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program before attaining his Doctorate in Dental Surgery at the age of 23. His early career started after graduation as he moved back to his home state in Dallas to practice. His expertise in family dentistry and cosmetics allowed him to flourish in the field. The ability to give comprehensive and maximize the regions served started from his multiple partnerships and consultations with accomplished dentist doctors. He owes his success to the collaboration of those working below him as they constantly give him advice and fresh ideas.

Karl Heideck: The Great Attorney And Law Practitioner

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, in 2003. Later on, Karl graduated with a Juris Doctor from Temple University’s James E. Leaflet School of law in 2009.

Heideck then practiced Law for over a decade earning his stripes. He served as a project attorney for Paper Hamilton LLC. Besides this, Karl also worked in an associate’s position at Conrad O’brien. In 2015, Karl was listed as a contract attorney by The Hire Counsel.

Through his years of service, Karl Heideck equipped himself with unique skills and knowledge in law. He also gained profound expertise in filing and responding to complaints. Karl offers a range of services including corporate law representation and compliance consultation. In addition to this, Karl also rights articles on the law.

Karl wrote an article regarding Pennsylvania Employment Law for small business. He highlights various factors about the law to guide business people in Pennsylvania. Karl highlighted critical laws that are impacting companies. This includes the Employment law and the Child Labor Law.

Karl also highlighted the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act laid down rules for the minimum wages to be paid to employees. The article also highlighted The Family and Medical Leave Act. The Act is about measures to be taken for employees who have taken a leave. It also states the number of weeks a leave should consist.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act was also highlighted in Karl’s article. The Act states that employers must equally treat all their employees despite their age. On breaking this law, employers will face discrimination lawsuits.

Karl also wrote about the IRS Worker Classification. These gauged how much control employers exerted on their employees. The article also talked about hiring, harassment, and discrimination. This involves equal employment Laws. At the same time, Karl wrote on The Situation Specific Laws. Karl’s article helped business people in Pennsylvania gain clear insight on laws governing their businesses.

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Dr. Imran Haque Offering Medical Care for Asheboro Residents

At Ramseur offices and Asheboro, Dr. Imran Haque provides medical care for Asheboro, Ramseur residents, and its surrounding parts. He is a greatly esteemed internist who has been serving patients for at least 15 years. Dr. Imran Haque conducts various services including diabetes management, physical exams, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring, weight management service and 360 resurfacing.

Dr. Imran Haque pursued his education from the University of Virginia Internal. He is currently certified to offer medical services in North Carolina, and he is enlisted in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. Being an internist, Dr. Imran Haque has the great specialized knowledge and is capable of offering an array to different services.

Due to different services he provides, he has various clients who seek primary care checkups and those in need of specific treatments. He diagnoses various common ailments, and when necessary, he gives a referral to the right health centers. Several patients come to his facility get the needed treatment which entails ultrasound and laboratory services. Dr. Imran Haque operates several hospitals in the region which include Randolph Hospital and Kindred Hospital-Greensboro. He got his medical degree from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana) and has enough medical practice.

His facility also accepts various kinds of health insurance. Dr. Imran Haque has currently risen and become one of the perceived internal medicine specialists with North Carolina. His profession in the sector started after receiving his medical degree. After school, he attended the University of Virginia program and during the time, he got more skills in the internal medicine field.

After undergoing a successful training, he acquired a license that permitted him to carry out medicine services. Horizon Internal Medicine is where he sees his patients in need of internal medicine. The facility is committed to quality service to the entire people of Asheboro. The facility is esteemed in leading internal medicine treatment and consultancy. All the patients seen by Dr. Imran have a positive story. Ordinarily private practices are seen as avenues to earn cash, but Dr. Imran has a professional association with all clients. For the time he has been providing the services, the internist understands the value of people interaction.

Todd Lubar’s advice on how to be a great business leader

True leaders are not easy to find. It takes courage, sacrifice, and above else, great people skills. You need to be a person that people can look up to, and to find guidance when everything else is falling apart. Todd Lubar, entrepreneur and businessman, sits down for an interview on what it takes to be a good leader in a growing market.

According to Patch, being honest is very important in Todd’s eyes. If you need to have strong core beliefs and values that drive your way of life. People need to talk open and freely with each other for success to happen. It’s really a group effort. A good leader takes hurdles in stride. They continue working for the better good no matter what. They also are responsible for motivating employees with things get chaotic. You also must have a sense of humor to get through it all. If not, life can swallow you whole. Relying solely on the brain is not always what the doctor ordered. A good leader not only uses their mind, but their intuition.

Communication is simply vital to a growing business. Todd Lubar believes that you need to be open and communicative with everyone for things to run smoothly. You have got to work towards the same goal and be very clear about what you want from your employees. Trust plays into this because you cannot do everything by yourself. Todd inspires his team by taking a break to shrug off sluggishness. He make take them to a restaurant, park, or even just a cup of coffee is needed.

Todd Lubar is a thriving businessman. His 20 plus years in the real estate industry has allowed him to help countless people finally actualize their dream of owning their own home. Todd has also worked in mortgage banking, construction, and entertainment industry. He is the President at TDL Global Ventures LLC and Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments.

Todd went to Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC and then The Peddie School in Highstown, New Jersey. In 1995 he received his Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

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Nathanial Ru And His Belief Sweetgreen Is Exactly What The Community Needed

Many restaurants would like to be more like Sweetgreen. The restaurant is known for their amazing salads and has backing from numerous big name investors. They are local, organic, fresh and extremely popular. According to the CEO, Nathanial Ru, the brand has meaning. Learn more:


Sweetgreen uses the latest technology and thirty percent of their business is done through their mobile app or their website. Their corporate office is almost completely closed five times each year so all of their corporate employees can work in their restaurants.


The founders of Sweetgreen are Nathanial Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. They originally met in an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. They believed Georgetown needed options for healthy eating and opened their first restaurant in 2007 right after they graduated college. They knew if they could survive when campus was empty for winter break their business would succeed. Learn more:


Nathanial Ru knew he needed to build a good team if the restaurant was to succeed. He has personally worked every position and found it difficult to delegate to a new team. He realized even if he was not comfortable with the idea he needed to build that team sooner rather than later. He has a lot of admiration for Kevin Plank because of what he has accomplished with Armour. He feels the company stands for so much more than simply itself.


Nathanial Ru attended the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and graduated in 2007 with a BS in Finance. The same year he co-founded Sweetgreen with two other graduates. The restaurant was casual and fast with a sustainable kitchen. Their main focus was on local sourcing and sustainability. The first location was in the center of Georgetown and has expanded to 27 locations in six states. They plan to future expansion in the West Coast. Everything started because the three men believed their community needed a place to eat with healthy and delicious food and a dining option that was eco-friendly.


Nathanial Ru felt food should suit peoples values, tastes, budgets, communities and imaginations. Nathanial and the other founders started sweetlife in 2010.This was the biggest food and music festival in the region. The event brings in 20,000 attendees and offers high profile and cutting edge music artists. Food is available from farmers, local purveyors, food trucks and top chefs. Sweetlife represents health, good living, community, well being and sustainability. The event has turned into a party with purpose. Learn more:





Madison Street Capital And A Legacy To Remember

It’s no secret that Madison Street has a legacy that will be remembered long after our time is done. This legacy is one where the fundamentals of investing and finance are exemplified through the Madison name. What we see the agency accomplish today is the standard that’s being set for many more years to come.


You can call MSC a trend setter and without doubt.


As technology changes the aspects, the knowledge and the methods, this one investment banking firm is just as flexible. But this flexibility isn’t why the agency will be remembered in the near or far future. What holds Madison Street Capital reputation to such high expectations is its own history of results.


No One Is Surprised By This Performance


We often see those results celebrated by the financial world also. Every year, just like the music and movie industries do, the financial world also holds award ceremonies where many are to be admired, analyzed and held as an example for the world. There’s no better example of success in the world of finance and as much as Madison Street Capital.


When new ventures happen, this agency is involved.


When new tools hit the market, this agency influences the creative process. So when a firm is labeled as the best in any particular field, Madison Street Capital is expected to hold nominations for that category. With its headquarters in NYC, the firm also has access to the most accurate information.


A Team Around The Clock And Professionalism Every Hour


This access to crucial data enables the Madison Street Capital team to lead its industry and with little effort. You see, it’s not the ability to know what’s going that makes the foundation stand out. The secret behind Madison Street Capital’s spurt of success comes from within.


This identity is only painted by the people who are employed and those who lead MSC.


And one of the most popular characteristics it has is its ability to stay busy entirely around the clock. Though headquarters in New York City, the agency has firms across the globe, and that network creates teamwork which never stops.


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Jeremy Goldstein Got Game

A new service has been created to bridge the gap between needing a lawyer and finding a lawyer. For many years a service has existed from The New York State Bar Association that allows for people to be easily connected to a lawyer in the New York area via a telephone service. Now the New York State Bar Association has teamed up with to bring New York residents the same service via an online portal than can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The process is really quite simple and effective as it both benefits the user and lawyers. It has been a great tool for lawyers to drive business and it only makes finding the service easier for people in legal need. All users must do is access the online portal and fill out an online questionnaire detailing the legal situation that they are in. The New York State Bar Association then reviews the application and quickly matches users with a lawyer operating in the near area. All the lawyers made available through this service are in good legal standing. This is something that the New York State Bar Association makes sure of via a thorough review of each lawyer before adding them to the service.


Referrals are free and no charges will come unless users decide that they want to go ahead with a lawyers services after a consultation. There is no obligation for the users to use the service after consultation.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Him and his firm work mostly with businesses. The services provided entail business acquisition and corporate governance matters. Jeremy Goldstein is also a partner of his firm.


Jeremey Goldstein is a highly educated man with 3 degrees. All his degrees came from separate schools. He is a degree holder of a J.D., B.S., and M.A.


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The Journey To Assist First Time Homeowners: A Tale Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright, the founder of RPS Solutions LLC and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, works tirelessly towards a cause close to heart- to help consumers fulfill housing dreams by streamlining the home-ownership process and educating interested participants on home ownership fundamentals.

RPS Solutions LLC is the Baltimore-based brainchild of Seawright- a company involved in government contracted property development founded in 2015. RPS oversees, designs and builds houses for first-time home buyers, in an effort to boost affordable housing opportunities for potential Maryland homeowners, particularly those residing in the Baltimore regional area. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

A modern economic financial strategist, it has been a life long passion of Kevin Seawright’s to help empower consumers by assisting with the home ownership process and turning dreams into a reality. Recognized for tireless efforts to grow community bonds, Kevin Seawright has achieved distinction and recognition from industry peers and has received numerous awards such as the Bridges to the Future Award bestowed by Met Life.

Currently attending the Mendoza College of Business and in pursuit of an MBA, Kevin Seawright stays active in the community by participating in causes that generate social growth and community awareness such as kids programs.

As a coach for various local Baltimore youth sports programs, Seawright stays true to the personal mantra of self-sacrifice and living life in order to give back to the community. Active on social media such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Twitter, Seawright maintains community outreach with posted videos and shared comments revealing insight on personal and public experiences.

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Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation