Raj Fernando: An Innovator in Employee Retention

Raj Fernando is a Chicago resident, philanthropist, and businessman with two successful start-up companies to his name. Raj Fernando was born in Denmark, but moved to the United States with his family shortly after. He attended Beloit College where he studied history and economics.

In 2002 Fernando founded his first company, Chopper. He ran this small trading company until 2015 when he sold it to DRW Trading Group. Throughout his 13 years as CEO, Chopper saw substantial growth. This growth could be contributed, in part, to Fernando’s unconventional hiring practices. He went out of his way to hire only those that fit in with the company’s collaborative and loyal culture. He made it a point to recruit employees that would stay with Chopper for the rest of their career. It could have been this commitment to employee retention that led him on his next venture; internet startup Scoutahead.

This new company revolves around successful ways a business can retain their workforce. Scoutahead also has resources for professionals and students. One of Scoutahead’s main points is providing employees with real-time, frequent feedback. This tactic would be used in favor of the traditional formal review process. Employee retention is a key strategy in an ever evolving industry. In order to stay competitive, top companies should be focused on innovation instead of training due to turnover.

In addition to his outstanding business undertakings; Fernando has made substantial philanthropic and Political contributions. He is a board member of PAWS Chicago, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the American Security Project to name a few.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com


The Midas Legacy Offers A Life Well Lived

When it comes to the Midas Legacy, they are incredibly focused on the task at hand, which is making sure their customers leave behind a legacy they can be proud of and they can share with their children and grandchildren. When others speak about them, they want to be spoken about in glowing terms. They want to be known as people that were willing to truly live life. They experienced emotions, feelings, and really enjoyed themselves as much as humanely possibly. That is a life well lived. They did not let petty things bother them and whatever they could not control, they did not let it get them down. They stood strong and firm.

One thing the Midas Legacy discusses is inner peace and that can be hard for a lot of people to obtain. They might be stuck in the past or they might be worried about the future. People often say that depression is when someone is stuck in the past and anxiety is when someone worries about the future. Not only does The Midas Legacy help with the present, but it helps with the future.

They focus a ton on wealth management. It is incredibly rare to find a company like The Midas Legacy that is able to do all of this at once. For a lot of people, that means a lot. They want to work with a company that is going to go to bat for them, be by their side, and care about them as individuals. They are not just another client to them or another person. They are so much more than that. That is why people do not fret when they are part of the Midas Legacy. They know they have made the right choice and are working for a company with its heart in the right place. First and foremost, they care about their clients. They are not just looking to get a ton of clients as a way to make money. That is not their end game. They stand behind what they say and they mean what they say. They are honest and truthful. Those are great qualities that more companies need to have in today’s world.

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Securus Technologies – Investigator Pro 4.0

Securus Technologies is the leading communications company responsible for helping incarcerated inmates and correctional facilities communicate with their family members and loved ones. They have recently announced the newest release and launch of a software that is voice activated and can help aid investigators when looking for certain suspects. The software is called Investigator Pro 4.0 and was released into the company by JLG Technologies. Investigators will now have the option to select a voice sample that can either be from an inmate or the party that is being called. This will help eliminate violent activities and prevent future crimes now that investigators have the option to track down voices that match from different conversations inside the facility as well as outside of the facility. The will focus on preventing gang related activities and hopefully be able to eliminate and reduce many of them in the future. Not only are they able to search their telephone numbers, but they can now rely on the software system to locate voices. There are three different abilities that investigators will be able to track down and they are what other inmates may be saying to outside parties and who they’re involved with. They can also find out if the calls that have been made were made by previous inmates.


Securus Technologies is stationed in Dallas, Texas, and serve many correctional facilities all over the world. They are responsible for providing communication programs to more than 3450 public safety offices and over one million incarcerated inmates. They have a wide variety of different programs that are offered and their services are highly exceptional


Weight Loss Success, Nutrimost, Sends Competitors A Message

Most people are learning a lot about Nutrimost. They are seeing visible results that the diet program really works. Nutrimost is helping people lose weight and keep it off by helping them kick start their metabolism. The older people get, the harder time they have losing weight. It seems older people have a very slow metabolism. Not all older people are able to run a marathon race or do jumping jacks. Not all people have the will-power to start and stay on a diet when all they see is one or two pounds a week weight loss. They give up everything they enjoy only to lose a pound or two. This is not fair and in fact, it is very cruel. This is why Nutrimost is so important. Nutrimost is one of the best programs on the market today.


Sadly some of the competitors are unhappy about their lack of success and are trying to jump on the bandwagon with Nutrimost’s success. In 2014, Nutrimost launched their program to the world. Since that time they have made television appearances and recently released a video showing the programs success. A competitor took the video and placed it on their own website. Cantlosewt.com is the competitor that stole the video and used it to help boost their website. Since the discovery by Nutrimost, the video has been shortened but is still on the website of the competitor. The name is changed but the information and clients are the same. Nutrimost is hoping for a settlement and the permanent removal of the video from the competitor’s page. The Federal Court will make the final decision. Check out the article on the nydailynews.com.

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Importance of Politics according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan agricultural businessman. He had his stint as the President of the FEDECAMARAS and is now the current National Assembly deputy in Guarico State. He recently gave an account of his experience in the Public service from two angles that are completely dissimilar but also complementary. Gonzalez’s active entrepreneurship is connected to politics. In his interview, he gave an illustration on how the agriculture sector in the country produces over 300,000 tons of corn and 500,000 tons rice. Jose Manuel Gonzalez feel that Venezuela with its low foreign exchange for importation was not in a good position leaving the sector in a precarious condition of supply where there is nothing guaranteed. The assembly understood the plight of the agricultural sector but poor management was to blame for the poor situation.

This is what came out in a meeting behind closed doors that showed the fragility and inadequacy of the coalition government to deal with inequities and smuggling that was rampant in the nation. Insecurity in the nation was identified as another factor that affected agriculture negatively due to the presence of criminal gangs who extort farmers, kidnappings and regular carjacking. This would force the government to import food but it must first of all sort out the issue of foreign exchange according to Gonzalez. He opined that a national agreement would be the most viable way to solve the current crisis and identified the parliament as the best platform to enact the agreement. This will pave the way for peace and subsequently economic growth.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was the president of FEDECAMARAS (2007-2009) and also the FEDENAGA (National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela). He was born in the town of Las Mercedes del Llano and is a descendant of to Martin Tovar y Tovar who was a painter. Jose holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering, University of Venezuela.

After his term as president of FEDECAMARAS ended in 2009, he was elected as the deputy of the Guarico State National Assembly.

Talk Fusion Wins My Vote For Helping With My Video Marketing

I am a busy businessman and keeping up with all the marketing trends is exhausting. Imagine my glee when I found Talk Fusion. I felt like I was Willy Wonka and I had just won the “golden ticket.” I love looking at videos online. I admit, I probably watch way too many in a day’s time. This company is my lifeline to having videos on my emails, social media channels, and my website.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that videos are an active part of the online world. From businesses to personal interests, everyone is using these videos to get their message across to others. Talk Fusion is a company that dedicates their services to the video communication business. While they are more focused on the business aspects than personal, they are offering great services for the clients they help. I have found that I cannot live without them.

Their largest production of videos includes those used for conferencing, broadcasting and also the social networking products. Many marketing campaigns rely on videos to help them get their point across and bring the “wow” factor. Imagine opening an email with just boring typing, or opening one with a video with song and spectacular graphics. Which email would you read? I can tell you I get spammed with 1,000’s of emails each week. I only read the ones that grab my attention. So, this company helps me to grab the attention of my users.

Talk Fusion is a portal that allows users to send a video message whenever they want. They can record them through their computer’s web cam or by using a flip style camera. Once the video is done, it is saved to the device. Opening Talk Fusions portal, the video file can be uploaded to hundreds of destinations. Customers can create a video email or use pre-made templets to add to their service.

Another advantage of using this service is you can add a text message too. The videos are stored on Talk Fusion’s site and at any time a user can re-use these videos. Another advantage is that Talk Fusion has pre-made videos for those who don’t want to make their own.

Kenneth Goodgame And Techniques for Driving Sales

Kenneth Goodgame is someone that is very passionate and skilled at the retail game. He knows how to drive the sales for any store. He knows how all of the techniques for getting the products that are high in quality and selling them for the customers. That way, retail stores will be better able to serve their customers. At the same time, customers will be more compelled to visit the retail store for more products. Retail experts understand that a large part of driving sales is actually having good products, or products that customers actually want. Marketing is also good for driving these sales.

One good tip that Kenneth Goodgame is adamant about is the use of end caps. For one thing, end caps are something that customers pay attention to. Therefore, if something is on sale or there is a promotion on an item. It is a good idea to be able to present it on an end cap. There is also the creative positioning of an end cap so that it really draws the attention of the customer. When people see that a lot of thought has been put on the organization of an end cap, they will be more likely to buy the product that is on sale.

Kenneth Goodgame himself has a lot of experience as a retail expert. He understands how to provide the right balance of products and marketing in order to get people to want to buy the product that is being promoted. He understands the psychology and mentality of the customer that walks into any given store. He helps retailers figure out a way to influence the mentality of the customer.

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Eric Pulier’s Many Philanthropic Activities

As a company developer as well as a technological innovator, Eric Pulier has always been considered to be an individual who has always been ahead of his time through his many technological solutions as well as through his involvement with many startup businesses and think tanks that have been created to make the world a better place. Eric Pulier is many things including an American entrepreneur, businessman, author, as well as a philanthropist. With his immense success that is combined with his wealth, Eric Pulier has always been an individual who has wanted to give back to the community. As a businessman who is known for countless successful endeavors, Mr. Pulier has always believed in the importance of sharing wealth that has been earned. To Mr. Pulier, success is not the accumulation of wealth, but is instead what is done with the wealth after experiencing the overall success.

As a philanthropist, Pulier has dedicated much of his time, money, as well as his efforts to helping children who suffer from chronic illnesses. To help these children, Mr. Pulier has not only made countless donations, but has also created a social media site that has been designed for children with illnesses. This social media site put children with similar conditions in contact with each other to show that they are not alone in their situation. Thanks to this social media site, children in over 70 hospitals have been able to chat with each other as well as post content and blog about themselves.

Mr. Pulier has always had a soft spot for children and believes that it is his duty to share his wealth with those in need of a better life. In addition to his many donations, Pulier has also sat on countless boards and think tanks to help brainstorm for innovative solutions that use technology to improve the lives of all individuals located around the world.

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John Goullet Leading DIVERSANTS in Providing Innovative IT Staffing Solutions

DIVERSANT is a top notch IT staffing solutions provider in the United States. The firm is featured as a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) that is Africa -America owned. The company offers a huge array of IT staffing solutions that includes includes innovative diversity solutions, direct hire, and IT staff augmentation.

To fulfill the need of clients, DIVERSANT’s product and services are provided based on unique and outstanding policies that are geared toward fulfilling clients needs. Through consultative methods, DIVERSANT resolves critical IT staffing challenges. The Company success has been informed by the ability of the firm to treat its clients as true business partners.

As the IT industry continues to experience immense growth, the competition for IT talents has intensified. DIVERSANT has earned a reputation for helping businesses acquire the right IT professionals. The company has adopted effective methods to source and vet qualified IT experts who can meet different IT demands from various firms.

DIVERSANT is renowned for matching talented professionals with appropriate companies, based on their ability to fit into different cultures such that they can put their expertise to use. The company has created extensive relationships with wide a wide array of clients including finance sector, manufacturing, biotechnology, banking, insurance, and pharmaceutical industry.

John Goullet is the Principle of DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company. He is a renowned innovator who has created various highly successful ventures in the information technology sector. Goullet’s career had debuted as an IT consultant before he shifted to IT staffing sector. In 1994, Goullet founded Info Technologies Inc, IT staffing company that focused on understanding the corporate environment and their IT staffing requirements, and marching IT professional with clients based on work style, personality, and skill set.

Within just five years, Goullet had grown Info Technologies to a worth of 30 million dollars, which earned the company the eighth positions in the Inc. Magazines ‘ranking of the fastest growing private ventures in the United States. Later in 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. and formed DIVERSANT LLC.

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Maintaining your Business

Protecting your business reputation has taken on an entirely different meaning now that the popularity of the Internet has exploded. Not only do you need to protect your reputation in person, but also online as well. As a consumer, customers want to do business only with companies that will cater to their needs, whether that is the products and services offered, the costs of the goods, or the customer service that comes along with the package. If your online business reputation becomes damaged, reviving it isn’t simple. To ensure that your online presence remains intact, the following tips are highly beneficial.

Verbal attacks show unprofessionalism on your part and no customer wants to use the services of a company that isn’t going to bend over backwards to appease their needs. Remember that the customer is always right! As difficult as it may be at times, don’t let your emotions get the best of you!

Second, use the services to clean up your online reputation at Searchcleanup.com. With the available services, you’ll ensure that negative online remarks, reviews, and other backlash is forever deleted from the eyes of potential customers. The affordably priced service is saving businesses all around the country and it can save your business, too.

Next, add value to your business practices. Chances are good that there are dozens or more companies offering the same or similar service using different tactics that woo the customers in; find out what they’re doing and do it better. Customers want to use your services because they are confident in what you do.

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